Request Letter to use Company Vehicle for Personal Work

Sample 1:

Subject: Request letter to use a company vehicle for personal work

Dear Sir,

I am Johnson, working as an assistant manager in your organization. I am writing you this letter to ask for your permission to take a company vehicle for my personal use.

I have never asked you for such a favor before but now, as you know that my home is located in a distant place because I have shifted with my family in a town where there is no easy access to markets. I have to use vehicles on rent, but the service rendered in this way is costly and the allowance which I get in lieu of conveyance is not sufficient enough to meet with such kind of expenses.  

I have been working with you for the last ten years and I had never given you a chance to complain for any reason. I assure you that if you grant me permission for the requested purpose, I will take great care of it and, in case, any damage happens to the vehicle, I will bear all the expanses of its repair from my pocket.

Since I know that this vehicle is meant only for official usage and I am gaining permission for my personal use, I will pay standard mileage charges to the company by deducting mileage traveled by vehicle for my personal use from mileage of business tours and then multiplying the figure by the standard mileage rate.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned circumstances, please entertain my request and grant me permission to use the company vehicle for the above-mentioned purpose. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,


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Sample 2:

Subject: Utilizing company vehicle for personal work

Dear Sir,

I, Robert, working as a manager in your organization, ask for your permission to use the company vehicle for personal uses through this letter.

I know this thing very well and I am well aware of this fact that company vehicle is meant for the accomplishment of official tasks only and I would never have asked you for such favor but I have sent my personal vehicle to the workshop for maintenance purposes. They told me that it will take a week to get the vehicle in the right form. Respected Sir, this is a very long period for a person like me, who performs most of his tasks on his personal vehicle. So, this is the main reason behind my request.

Since I am working here for the last ten years and throughout this period, I had never given you any chance of complaint. My colleagues and subordinates here in this office are well aware of my loyalty to this company and they can verify it too if you ask them. Considering this thing, you can have trust in me.

Keeping in view all the above-mentioned circumstances I request you to grant me permission for the above-mentioned purpose. I am waiting for your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,


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