Product Name Change Announcement Letter


Re. Changing the name of our fairness cream from Olnor to Skinlight

Dear all, this letter has been written on behalf of Lawrence (the brand). The letter has been written to communicate one of the important and recent changes made by the company. The decision was taken on the suggestions of the OPI Research Team of Lawrence. They suggested an alternate name for the skin fairness product of our brand.

Olnor has been one of the most famous fairness creams manufactured by Lawrence for ten years. The new team hired by the board of governors does not find it captivating anymore as Olnor comes from Latin origin. To promote the linguistic beauty of English, they suggested the name “Skinlight” for the skin fairness cream previously known as “Olnor”.

According to the research team associate, the older name belongs to a controversial origin and is also outdated in present-day usage. It is one of the words that are no more in use in the Latin dictionary. He, moreover, opines that naming and titles of the products have an important effect on the sale and customer capturing.

Thus, on the suggestions of the research team and the customer likeness begotten through the poll created on Instagram by our social media team, it has been observed that the majority likes “Skinlight” more than “Olnor”.

Therefore, this letter officially announces that the name of the beauty and fairness cream named “Olnor”, manufactured by Lawrence, has been changed to “Skinlight”.

Now the product shall be called with its new name and the packaging shall also be done accordingly. A copy of the letter has been sent to the Counsel of Brandings and Products Titles (CBPT). The name has also been approved by the GEN Legals. We thank our customers and clients for their participation in making the decision easier, quicker, and smoother.


Team Lawrence, the brand.

California, USA

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Re. Changing the Name of Our Supplement Products

Dear customers,

The letter serves as a collective announcement of alternating the names of various supplement products prepared by the USP Pharma, CA. There has been a halt in the sale of the supplements manufactured by USP Pharma on the account of their naming or labeling. We have been dealing in the field of pharmaceuticals for more than thirty years and the names have remained the same. This time we have changed the names of a few products after reviewing and reconsidering the problems coming in their way due to naming.

Names of the products are one of the most uttered words. Most people only know the name of the product and do not give significant attention to the manufacturers. Thus, names are the most judged words as well. Human beings, naturally, tend to visualize and imagine the word or name being spoken or heard. Therefore, looking at the vitality of the names of the products, we have decided to change their names or titles.

Following products have been changed by their names:


Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements named as Sars-09 would be called Sarosium-09 replacing the old name.


Energy bites filled with multivitamins named Bagels shall be called Bachels.


Digrostarvic’s name has been changed to Everic.

The names given above are the authoritative and approved names and their titles would be effectuated from tomorrow i.e., 09-08-21. The reason for changing the names of the products is not merely marketing strategy but to avoid any confusion and overlapping. As you know that Sars (the virus) was not discovered and popularized till 20XX but now almost every common man is acquainted with the virus named Sars and associates our product name with the name of the virus. Similarly, Bagels is the name of a recently discovered disease related to muscles and joints. Digrostarvic is often mispronounced, therefore, the committee has changed its name as well to avoid any confusion or overlapping.

We would appreciate your support for this decision. No ingredients or formulation has been changed. For more, you can email us at [email].

General Manager

USP Pharma,
KT Road, Boston

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