Letter Announcing Arrival of a New Company Nurse

When a new person joins the company, it is a must that he/she is welcomed by the existing staff. Joining a new company with an entirely different atmosphere is a kind of hard thing to manage but, it gets easier if fellow workers are cooperative and welcoming.

Moreover, the owner, along with a welcoming note, must make it known to his staff that a new person is arriving with some academic records and achievements and for the following designation. Below is a letter that is written in this respect.


It is a matter of delight to announce that Mrs. [Nurse’s name] is going to join us coming [Day/Date etc.] as a new company nurse. From now she will be handling all the medical records and files of the employees also she will be dealing with the first aid items and some medicines.

Mrs. [Nurse’s name] is a professional and well-experienced nurse with a [four-year diploma degree in nursing] and [health care]. She had been an in-charge nurse in the community hospital for the past three years and I am sure that she will do her job well in our company as well. I want all of my staff to give her a warm welcome when she arrives. I hope and wish good for you all and for our new staff member. Thank you very much.


We are excited to announce the arrival of our new company nurse, Sister Linda Williams. On upcoming Monday, she will take charge and fill the position of our late company nurse Sister Julia who was killed in a road accident.

She will assist our medical officer in dealing with routine medical matters of the company. She will also be responsible for handling and maintaining the medical files of the employees.  Henceforth, all the medical bills will be initiated and routed through our new company nurse.

Ms. Linda has been working as a staff nurse in various renowned hospitals in the country. Medical care is a department that demands qualified individuals with practical working experience. We are fortunate to find someone as a nurse with considerable years of experience in her relevant field. I hope you all will help me give her a warm welcome as soon as she arrives.



It is hereby announced that Ms. Parker has joined us as our new company nurse in the medical care department. She will report directly to our chief medical officer, Mr. Arnold, and assist him in overseeing all the medical-related functions.

We are happy to find Ms. Parker as our nurse who has more than 15 years of experience in the same capacity at various renowned hospitals. She is excellent at managing emergency cases efficiently. Her expertise is exactly what we need at Stars Marketing Company. She will be responsible for maintaining employees’ medical files, providing good medical care to staff members, and helping them prepare their medical bills.

She is supposed to join the company on upcoming Monday. You all are requested to offer her a warm welcome upon her arrival. Please offer her your support so as to make her familiar with the company. We will be having a small welcome party this Monday to make her arrival a memorable event. Your presence on said occasion will highly be appreciated.


Reference Letter for a Nurse

When you experience something bad in your life, it is the people who stand by your strength that you always remember and cherish for the rest of your life. One must try to appreciate their work and help them in any possible way.

Reference letters are one of the ways to do so. Moreover, you can also write such letters to someone you know very well or have known for too long. These kinds of reference letters in good words can sometimes help the other person a lot. Following is a sample of such a letter.


My name is [sender’s name] and I am [22 years] old. About a year ago I had an accident as a result of which I lost my leg. I stayed in the intensive care unit for two weeks after which I shifted to the ward and had to stay there for three months. During all that time Nurse [Nurse’s name] took care of me. By that time, I was all awake and, in my consciousness, so I know how hard she worked to take care of me. When I had sleepless nights, she used to stay up with me all night. Her kind words and loving gestures cured half of my pain.

Nurse [nurse’s name] is the kind of person who will always leave the warmth of love and kindness wherever she goes. I wish her the best in everything and I hope this will help her. Thank you very much.


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this reference letter for Sister Elsa, who has worked with us as a senior staff nurse for seven years. I endorse her as your next senior staff nurse for your family care hospital. I have worked as her supervisor and that’s why I assure you that she is a dedicated lady and has been bestowed with a great sense of responsibility. She is moving with her family and I think she must go nowhere else but to join your prestigious hospital. She was one of my best staff nurses and her professionalism will be missed.

As her supervisor, I was amazed by her communication skills with doctors, patients, and colleagues. She can handle emergencies and I found her working confidently under such stressful circumstances. She has always been eager to learn new things which can be used to provide the best care to patients.

By means of her professionalism, she affected her patients in a positive way. Everybody respected and liked her by virtue of her helpful attitude. For most difficult cases, she was also used as a resource person by doctors on various occasions.

She has an excellent ability to adapt to new situations very quickly. I witnessed it last year when our hospital faced a sudden and relatively large influx of patients after a natural disaster. She organized all the work efficiently with a small number of available nurses at that time.

After that incident, I consider her a reliable lady who knows how to perform her duties in an efficient way while treating each person with respect. We enjoyed working with her. Even though she is going to be missed, I strongly refer her to you. 

There will be a big gap in our hospital without her. I believe that Sister Elsa’s professionalism and relevant experience will help her find a worthy nursing position at your hospital. If you have any queries about Elsa, feel free to contact me through email.



To Whom It May Concern

I feel proud to write a reference letter for Sister Anna, who has worked with us as a senior staff nurse from March 2016 to July 20XX. If asked, I would define her in terms of an individual who is always eager to learn new things. Her ability to adapt to new and sudden situations made her one of the most respected staff members of our hospital.

Even during the most stressful conditions during the peak phase of the pandemic, she always remained calm and demonstrated her excellent nursing skills. Owing to her professionalism and great skills, I would refer Sister Anna as your next staff nurse for your hospital.

She has many abilities to her credit. For example, she is a talented, professional, organized, well-mannered, and dedicated lady. She is a kindhearted lady and has always been sympathetic with her patients. Throughout her tenure, she recognized herself as an outstanding nurse among the whole staff.

She always remained a step ahead of what was supposed to be performed by her. She provided compassionate care to patients and helped them recover as soon as possible.  Anna was seldom absent from her duty and in this way, she made a strong working relationship with doctors and other staff members working in collaboration with her.

Apart from all the traits, Anna can work independently and knows how to get the work done as per requirements. Moreover, she is flexible and willing to deal with any kind of patient. It was witnessed during the peak phase of COVID-19. She offered her services to those patients voluntarily and worked heartedly in collaboration with doctors.  

Briefly, I assure you that Anna would be a tremendous addition to your hospital, and I highly recommend her for the position of senior staff nurse. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about her.


Follow up Letter to Surgical Staff Nurse Position

There are quite a great number of people that apply for a job in some department of their interest but, after the process of recruitment, only a few get to succeed. When someone gets done with their interview he/she must write a follow-up letter.

In this way, you will become prominent among other applicants and your chances to get the job will increase considerably. In addition, a follow-up letter can also be used for the purpose of adding up something to your information that they already have. Following is a sample of such kinds of follow-up letters.


My name is [applicant’s name] and I’m a graduate of [institution’s name]. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet your company last week regarding the surgical staff nurse position that you have available in your hospital.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by your highly respectable head of the doctors and I must say your staff is very cooperative and efficient.

It would be an honor for me to work with such a great organization among such professional people. I assure you that I will work with passion and I will never give you any chance to complain. I will try my best to promote the repute and excellence of your organization. A reference letter from my previous work organization has been attached to this letter. I hope to hear soon from you. Thank you very much.
Yours Sincerely,


I [title] [name] from [hospital name] am writing in response to your job application as a Surgical Nurse. We have recently expanded our surgical department and require staff for our Operation Theaters. We require a surgical nurse who would take care of the patients before surgery.

We expect her to measure and record the patient’s vitals, prepare them for surgery, and timely administer any medicines that are to be taken by the patient before the procedure.

In our Hospital, we understand that the bedside manner of the health care workers is very important. The patients are already scared and stressed before surgery. Sometimes they are in physical pain too. The attitude of the nursing staff really makes a huge difference in the patient’s hospital experience.

Our requirement therefore from nurses is that they be empathetic and polite to the patients. Also, if an emergency comes up, they should be able to handle it responsibly and without panicking. Having the knowledge of new research and staying updated with all the new equipment is a very important part of the duties of a surgical nurse.

From your resume, we gather that you have [number of years] experience in the surgical department and have assisted with some very complicated procedures.

For further details, our team of doctors and HR department representatives would like to sit down for a formal interview with you. Please come to the [department name] of Hospital by [time] on [date].

Please bring your original degrees and experience letters with you. Looking forward to a fruitful interaction,


I [name] had an interview with your HR team on [interview date] regarding the post of surgical nurse in your prestigious Hospital. I wanted to add a few points I felt that I should have mentioned during the interview but somehow they did not come up.

I had informed you that I have worked in [hospital name] from [date to date] but I forgot to mention that I had worked under Dr. [name] who is one of the pioneers in [name of surgery] in children. During my tenure there, I assisted him with a number of very challenging surgeries and he gave me a glowing review, which I am attaching with this letter.

I also want to reassure you that I am fully aware of the fact that a surgical nurse working in the pediatric department needs to have very high emotional intelligence and must be very empathetic, as it requires dealing with critically sick children and their parents. It requires a lot of tact to deal with parents who are under so much stress.

I have experience of [number of years] in dealing with both patients and their loved ones and I can assure you that you will never find me wanting in this regard.

In the end, I would like to thank you for taking out the time to interview me and I am really looking forward to working in your esteemed hospital.

Letter from a Nurse Seeking Employment

In order to find a job in any sector, one must keep a check on the available opportunities and should go for it right away. Jobs in different sectors require certain education and professional skills. For this, people apply for jobs by sending over their curriculum vitae to seek employment of their interest. In the case of Nurses, the most important thing is proper education and experience. The following letter can be used to apply for a nursing job.


I am writing to you in response to the advertisement published in [newspaper name] on [date]. I feel that I am a suitable candidate for this job. I have a [name of degree] Degree in nursing from [college name] and an experience spanning [number of years] years in which I have taken care of countless patients. The reason for studying nursing was that it was my passion to provide healthcare.

Personally, I am very organized and patient, two qualities that have helped me a lot in my work as a pediatric nurse.

Currently, I am working as a registered nurse at [hospital name]. My job includes taking care of [number of patients] children daily; I monitor their vitals and ensure that they get their medicines on time. My stay here has been very productive and I have learned a lot most noteworthy of these are the proper way to collect samples, dose titration for BP management, and the Insulin sliding scale. All these experiences will help me in my future assignments.

I would like to work for you as I feel that I can offer a great deal due to my experience in the health care of children, which is your primary requirement. I am attaching a detail of my work assignments for your review.


I read your advertisement on the website [web address] regarding the requirement of a nurse for your elderly mother. I am a trained Nurse and have [number of years] experience in caring for the elderly.

I studied from [college name] and did my training in [hospital name], which is one of the most prestigious hospitals in the city. I completed my training with distinction. After that, I worked as a private nurse for an elderly lady, who had broken her leg and was diabetic. When she got better, I worked for an old lady who had dementia and hypertension.

During my stay with them in addition to monitoring her vitals and giving her medicines on time, I also ensured that she was eating properly, sleeping on time, exercising regularly, and not taking undue stress. I worked for her for [number of years] till last year she passed away due to COVID.

As your mother is diabetic and hypertensive, I feel that I understand her medical issues and can handle them better than others. I can comprehend the complications attached to these diseases and the dietary restrictions one must look out for. Due to my work requirement, I have read extensively into diabetes and looked into alternate medicine. We can discuss these too if you choose to have an interview with me.

I have added the contact details of my previous employers for your reference. Looking forward to hearing from you.


This letter has been written in reference to your advertisement regarding the need for a member of your nursing staff in the Sunday magazine of last week. I have a [graduation degree] with a course of [two years] of nursing. I have [two years] experience as a nurse in [capital international hospital].

Moreover, I completed a diploma in personal nursing. So, you can employ me as a member of your nursing team or as a personal nurse, I can do both. To me serving humanity is an ultimate goal, giving back to society and helping the needy.

While being a nurse, one must have a polite tone and a kind heart to treat his/her patient well. I believe this can cure half of the disease. Many times, the full attention of the nurse and the proper care to the patient does wonders and work like a magic. Therefore, I believe nursing is more of a sacred act than a mere job.

My CV and other important information are attached to the letter. Thank you!

Letter Endorsing Compassionate Nurse for Award

Different organizations have different ways of appreciating the work of their employees and encouraging them to work even better. Sometimes these appreciations are in terms of awards and certificates which are given as achievements to the employees. Such kind of acts not only acknowledge the good work of the staff but also encourage them to work with more passion and interest in the future. For this purpose, specific people are nominated and then given awards on the basis of their excellence. Following are letters that are used for the endorsement of compassionate nurses for the award.


I wish to recommend Ms. Amanda Seymore for the Goodwill award recently announced by the Primary Healthcare Organization. Ms. Amanda has worked for our hospital for fifteen years now and is undoubtedly the most deserving candidate for this award. She has taken care of patients with cancer, dementia, and burn victims.

She is always assigned to the wing whose patients need utmost attention and care. She has had special training to tend to the burn patients and would often sing songs and dance for them to make them happy.

In addition, she was quite popular with the pediatric patients too and the children adored her as she would play their favorite games with them.

Ms. Amanda Seymore is the epitome of compassion and kindness and has worked selflessly for many years. She deserves not only this award but also a rise in her salary too. A few years back, she also cared for my wife during childbirth, and I remember my wife telling me how this nurse made her feel comfortable during this very difficult time.

She was never too tired to help and would often wake in the middle of the night to care for my wife as she was in pain often. I would recommend Ms. Amanda for the Goodwill award as she deserves this award more than anyone else in my opinion.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Mr. Jack Williams.

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear Mr. Adam Sandy,

I am writing to express my wish to nominate Mr. William Smith, also known as Big Williams, for the Compassionate Nurse Award. Big Williams is the most kind-hearted and hardworking nurse at our hospital, and I have known him for about twenty years now. He started working with us when he lost his child in a car accident. He was very close to his son, and I remember he was devastated when he heard the news of his child’s passing.

Big Williams joined our hospital as a nurse soon after and added his son’s name on the wall of hope. He has a special affiliation towards children and always expresses the wish to be assigned to the children’s ward. I believe that this is the least we can do to pay him back for his years of service for our hospital and especially for pediatric patients.

Moreover, I would also request to pay him a monetary award in addition to the compassionate nurse award. He is admired by all our staff alike and is missed dearly whenever he is on leave. He is always happy to help his patients in any way that he possibly can and is never too tired of his duty.

I would be very grateful if you take my recommendation for his name and endorse him for this award. Please feel free to get in touch with me in case you need any further details regarding his work or personal life. Thank you for your consideration.


Mr. Corey Jones.

Size: 15 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear [Recipient’s name]

Ms. [Nurse’s name] is a highly compassionate nurse. She has worked day and night in the halls of this hospital. Her kind attitude towards the patients has always been remarkable. She is a nurse highly dedicated to the tasks assigned to her. Her patients always acknowledge her hard work and special caring behavior.

Once my father had to be admitted to this hospital due to a severe back injury, he was treated like a family member. During that time nurse [nurse’s name] took care of my father as I would have myself. She used to stay up all night to keep a check if he needs anything. She worked overtime in those days and I came to know how dedicated of a nurse Ms. [Nurse’s name] is. She deserves a piece of acknowledgment and I nominate her for the [award’s name] for the year [20XX].

Thank you very much.

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