Warning Letter to Tenant for Unauthorized Occupant


I have noticed that you have provided accommodation to an unauthorized person for two months. This is a big violation of our rental agreement which was signed between us on [date]. You are living in my apartment as a tenant and the authority to allow any guest finally rests with me. Before accommodating any person, you were supposed to take written consent from me and it was your moral duty also.

Please refer to clause no. 13 of the landlord and tenancy act, 1985. It clearly states that the presence of an unauthorized person within the premises is a cognizable offense on behalf of the tenant. Violators of this clause are dealt with strictly. Moreover, guests are supposed to stay in rented premises for a maximum of two nights provided that written permission has been sought. In your case, the stay has become longer and crossed the maximum permissible limit.

You are hereby warned to refrain from such violations because these are considered illegal acts and are punishable. At the same time, you are advised to clear my apartment from the unauthorized person as soon as possible. In the future, if any violation is noticed from your side, legal proceedings will be initiated against you. In that case, you will be responsible. I hope you have understood the sensitivity of the matter and will take the necessary steps in this regard.



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Subject: Warning for unauthorized occupant

Dear Anna,

I am issuing you this warning letter after investigating the matter from your neighbors. They also confirmed that you have added an extra occupant with you as a guest. I want to remember you that you are doing all this without taking my written consent. I have noticed a stranger during my last visit and the same has also been found while wandering outside your apartment.

Anna, you must understand that written permission must have been taken by you before accommodating that person. Instead of asking me, you allowed him to stay within premises and this is a big violation of our tenancy agreement. Country’s laws give full authority to a landlord to initiate legal action against tenants on account of accommodating unauthorized occupants. I could do the same but this time I am serving you only with a warning letter.

However, you must remember that further violations of this kind will end in drastic results in the future. Since you have been accused of accommodating an unauthorized person, you are supposed to pay me [US dollars] as compensation. This amount is in lieu of expenses incurred in electricity, utensils, property, and space usage of your unauthorized guest.

You must accept your mistake and make that unauthorized person leave the premises immediately. If you fail to comply with my instructions, an eviction notice will be issued then. Honestly, I do not want that time to come. Therefore, I request you to refrain from such activities in the future. I hope you have understood what I said. Your cooperation will be appreciated in this regard.



Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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