Confirmation Letter for Event Attendance

Confirmation Letter for Event Attendance

Events either personal or non-personal require confirmation by the attendees. Organizational events like conferences, seminar, fundraising, and product launch etc. need confirmation as it influences the cost and budget estimation. The event planners need to be much efficient in such issues to avoid any mismanagement. These little things are a great deal of success if handled properly. The attendees write the confirmation letter in a very polite and soft tone with a view to thank and assure attendance. The dates, location and time should also be correct. The statements should be to the point. Attendance letter can be of different types. In one type, the person confirms his attendance on the invite. In the other type, person’s request for attending is being confirmed. Many times, situations come in which one becomes unable to attend an event. For this purpose, he or she still needs to inform beforehand. Such situations can be any illness, accident or natural disaster.

Confirmation Letter for Event Attendance


Micro Macro Company Private Ltd.

Ben Charlie

24 St. Blue Cross Avenue, Los Angeles

5th April 2017


Mr. Mark Wordsworth

Marketing Manager

Innovations Abroad Organization

21 St. Five Star Avenue, Los Angeles.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am much pleased with the invitation of “Third Customer Experience Conference” which will be taking place on 15th April 2017. I am writing to inform that I will be attending the conference. I am greatly honored being a part of it. The theme of the conference ‘technology transforms customer experience’ is providing a great deal of success to various business. A lot of successful businesses quoted about your conference attendance as a part of their success. Because of this reason, it was my wish to attend this conference. I feel that after attending this conference, I will be able to make my business successful. I have just started my business. And I need a lot of help to flourish it. I am keenly waiting to attend the conference. Your efforts are giving great hope to upcoming entrepreneurs. I wish you great success like previous years.

I hope to have a great day.

Best Regards,

Ben Charlie.

CEO, Micro Macro Company Private Ltd.


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