Email to Employee Notifying of Upcoming Training


Re. Managerial Training on Consultancy in Washington DC

Dear Rosy,

I hope you read this email in great health. This email purposes to inform you about the managerial training on consultancy in Washington DC on 20th November 2020.

This is a two days session in which you will be equipped with the basic and advanced skills in Management, Quality Assurance and Enhancement, and Effective Consultancy. In the wake of this training, you will be provided with appropriate accommodation, two times meal, travel expenses and a bonus for the next month’s salary.

I am delighted to inform you that this training will lift your skills at the workplace and will leave you with extra privileges of effective communication and management. Being a fresh employee, we consider you for this training and desire you to get most of it as it will marvel in your career through your learning and skills equipment.

Timings shall remain 9 AM to 4 PM on both days. We advise you to take writing material to the training classroom and stay focused at work. Wear a mask and sanitize your hands and gadgets hourly to stay safe from the COVID-19. This is a mandatory training session but if you are not willing for this then we can arrange an online training session for this sake to facilitate you.

In the wake of traveling issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is recommended to produce your medical certificate and a COVID-negative test report in the HR office before 19th November 2020 so that your travel and accommodation can be arranged at the earliest.

We ensure the benefit of your presence and concentration at the training. Please, find the enclosed copy of the program of the training session.

Thank you


Assistant Director
Methanex Max Moon Groups (M3G),
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



Re. Notification to Attend the Upcoming Training Sessions

Hello Bide,

I hope this email finds you doing very well. This email is sent to bring to your attention the upcoming training session which is going to be held on 25th November 2020 at Rebury Heights, Berlin. This training is going to be a five days session in which you will be taught about the Flight Inquiry Cell essentials and other relevant extensions of this. This training will demonstrate itself to be very fruitful in your career from learning a new skill to get a promotion or get fine career opportunities. 

At the end of the training, you will be tested by the Directors of the Berlin Flight Inquiry Wing and will be graded too. For the sake of effective learning, we suggest you stay focused on training and learning newer skills and qualifications.

You will be provided with an economy class airbus return ticket, free of cost meal availability at your door, and accommodation at Rebury Heights, Berlin. Moreover, you are advised to carry a notepad, pen, and other writing material with you to the training room.

Also, wear a mask and keep sanitizer with you at the training rooms to stay away from the chance of getting Covid-19 infection. Other details of the training are available in the document which will be later passed to you by the HR manager.

We wish you safe travel, a safe stay, and a distinguished training session in the enchanting ambiance of Berlin airs.


William Watson
Assistant HR Manager
Agnes and Sparta Groups (ASG)
Main Lex Road, Columbia, USA

Size: 21 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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