Letter to Cancel Rental Contract due to Increase in Rent

A rental contract is followed by a set of various rules. The application needs to be filled properly. Security deposit is also taken to redeem any loss or damaged caused by the tenant. When a house or office is granted tenant, utilities become their responsibilities. This includes water, gas and electric bills. After mutual consent, the agreement is signed. The owner has the right to enter anytime on short notice. The tenant has to pay the rent monthly. The security deposit is retained at the end of the contract if no serious loss or damage occurred within the time period. Sometimes landlords also critically check the employment background and history of the tenant for good credibility. On the other hand, tenants have the right to check the house or office they are going to take. The various equipment, electricity system etc can be checked. On the other hand, both ends should try to ease each other as much as possible for good accountability.

Letter to Cancel Rental Contract due to Increase in Rent


Moon Apartments

Charles David

18 St. Pearl Avenue, Michigan

1st January 2016


Mr. Paul Smith


Renton Estates and Proprietors

24 St, Fleet Enclave, Michigan


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are good. I am writing to cancel the rental contract due to increase in rent. I am going through some critical issues due to which I wouldn’t be able to pay the increased rent. Two of my sons have just started their university. I bought a car for them on installments. I am over-crowded with payments for more than 7 months. You were being a very cooperative landlord and I respect you always. But unfortunately, I cannot continue here. I hope you understand my situation. Please return my security deposit after checking the house properly. I am supposed to take this step for the better future of my kids regarding their education. At the end of the month, our budget is too low. So we are trying to find an apartment with less rent. I am seeking for your kind response.

Best Regards


Charles David.

Tenant, Moon Apartments


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Letter to Cancel Rental Contract due to Increase in Rent

Letter to Cancel Rental Contract due to Increase in Rent

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