Letter Requesting Funds from Authorities

In today’s time funds are a great source of helping others. A lot of NGO’s are working for helping the needy and deserving. NGO’s follow a proper channel to raise funds, which is also beneficial in creating awareness among different sectors of society. Awareness brings motivation among people in different sectors of society. A lot of big companies are always found interested in providing a different kind of funds. Such kind of letters always requires very polite and humble requests. And fundraising campaigns need to have an attractive package to get the required amounts. For serious considerations, a proposal of the fund should be detailed, organized and specific providing all needed and valuable information because a lot of requests and proposals come together. Some foundations have already prescribed their special and specific areas of interest, so we need to find them accordingly. For this purpose, research methodology proves very helpful. A short to the point request is always considered.

Letter Requesting Funds from Authorities


Blue Hill Dreams.

David Wordsworth

56 St. Blue Avenue, Nevada.

12th November 2016.


Mr. Williams Wheelock

Sunrise Innovations Ltd.

Block 11C, Renton Avenue, Las Vegas.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are doing great. It has been a long time I have formally approached you. I am sending you the request for granting the funds as our NGO is starting a school for the deserving children. You are aware of our NGO that It has been working since last ten years. Our reputation is good enough as we believe trust of the people is always considered more valuable. We did all the necessary research on your company which shows that you are specifically interested in granting funds for the educational sector. Enclosed with my letter are the required cost, budget and time needed to build the school. I hope a better and quick response from your foundation. As per your reputation you were always been participating in educational sector solely and through different organizations. Your kind consideration will bring a lot of talented and brilliant students who are willing to study.

I look forward to your generous response.


David Wordsworth

Funds Manager, Blue Hill Dream


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Letter Requesting Funds from AuthoritiesLetter Requesting Funds from Authorities

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