Letter to Appreciate an Employee for a Successful Project

The importance of teamwork in businesses cannot be negated. The whole setup of professional businesses is raised on the basis of teamwork. Individuals make a team and individuals are to be appreciated for good work generally as well individually. All mature businesses understand the importance of appreciating their employees when they come up with exceptional work so, in order to recognize exceptional efforts of workers, appreciation letters are well in practice. There is no other opinion that if an employee is admired for his work with well enough words and well in time, his performance always increases.

Businesses deal multiple projects at a time either of their own or of their clients. Since some projects are hefty enough and demand exceptional hard work and skills, an employee who makes such projects successful should be appreciated in particular. Below is a letter that can be used to appreciate an employee in order to make a project successful


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

This letter is to appreciate you and show my gratitude for your efforts to make the project of [enter project name] successful. I believe that success comes with teamwork. As the [enter title of employee] of the company, your efforts deserve to be applauded for this project. Your work has been admired by the clients very much. Despite that it was a tough project, you managed to finish well in time and made it one of our super successful projects. I dedicate the success of this project to you. I am also glad to inform you that you have been awarded [increment in salary, three work leaves this month etc.]

Please continue to do good work.  Thank you very much!

Your Name

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Appreciate an Employee for a Successful ProjectLetter to Appreciate an Employee for a Successful Project

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