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Apology letter for not being able to pay rent 0

Apology Letter for not being able to Pay the Rent

All our liabilities in the form of fees, rents or other services payments are required to be given on time as per rules and policies. At the end of a month, one is always making out to calculate and manage the dues regarding school fees of children as well as rent of the house. Sometimes crucial circumstances come unexpectedly, that one becomes unable to pay the dues. This is an...

Apology Letter for Vehicle Damage 0

Apology Letter for Vehicle Damage

Driving is a skill which is not mastered by everyone. Driving in a rush or being negligent can result in a damage to the property and vehicle of the other person. In such circumstances, writing a quick apology can help calm down the situation. Start the apology letter with a brief overview of what happened. The apology letter should have a very polite tone. Explain any reasons for the accident...