Personal Apology Letter on Someone’s Behalf

You don’t always have to apologize for the mistake made solely by you. Sometimes, diversity of fate puts you in conditions when you have to apologize for the mistakes and behaviors that were not done by your side but maintain an indirect link with you. The human being is a social animal. It cannot but live in society. While living in societies it is natural to have disagreements, misunderstandings and at moments WWF fights too. In order to resolve such cases, at least one of the involved people should enlarge his heart to present an apology so that things can be ‘let go’.

Apology letter on someone’s behalf is not much different than the letter written by yourself on your part because of apology, after all, is an apology. This letter given below can be used to seek an apology from someone on an individual’s behalf.

Personal Apology Letter on Someone’s Behalf

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope you and your family are enjoying life. My dear [enter name], I am writing this letter to you to apologize for what happened at the [birthday party] at my home that day. I am really sorry for the misbehavior that my [brother’s son] did with your [eldest boy]. I am not sure how they suddenly started fighting when they were having a good play time a little earlier. He also misbehaved with you for which I am ashamed of you. Please accept mine and [enter nephew’s name]’s mother’s heartiest apologies for whatever happened that day. She wasn’t present at the party but was remorseful to know about the incident. I hope you don’t consider me responsible for all that dear friend. I also wanted to inform you that I’ll be coming to meet you this [Sunday]. Till then take care.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Personal Apology Letter on Someone's BehalfPersonal Apology Letter on Someone’s Behalf

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