Rental Verification Letter

Property buying, selling, and rental business are very tricky because of dealing with two or more strangers. Sometimes the landlords need verification for renting or selling their property as well as the tenants also need it for the smooth running of a contract through its terms and conditions.

Moreover, this verification may lead to a secure future for both that is tenant and landlord. But, sometimes the company also pays rental hiring to its employees that also need verification from a security agency or from the landlord.

Such letters can be used to get hired from one’s company or change someone’s passport etc. It can be provided at any time upon request. Its purpose is to make aware whether the tenant is actually living in his mentioned present address and how the tenant was during the whole tenancy like if he has done any property damage or ever being sued for rent.

Therefore, the landlord can certify exactly when the house was occupied and the exact date of expiry of the tenant’s lease contract. Moreover, the landlord can also verify the exact terms and conditions.


To Whom It May Concern

Mr. [name] had rented my apartment number [address] on [date]. He has been my tenant for the last [number] years. My experience with him has been good as he has kept my property in good shape and he has always deposited the monthly rent on time except for two occasions and then too he had informed us in advance and requested for two months’ time after which he paid the amount back in full. His contract is ending on [date]. He does not owe us any outstanding dues.

He is an honest man and we found him fair in dealing. He gets along nicely with the neighbors and is helpful and considerate towards them. In case of any further quarries, feel free to contact me at [address].


Sky Builders and Constructors
Michael Watson
16 St. Southern Enclaves, Arizona


Mr. Fay Dickson
Countrywide Industries
21 St. Coastal Avenue, Arizona

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health. I am writing to you upon my tenant’s request about his rental verification as he has applied for rental hiring from your company.

Mr. Willits is my tenant at B- 67, central lodge street for eight years which is approximately 3000 square yards. He was shifted here on 12 March 20XX and his lease contract will expire on 12 March 20XX.

He is living here with his family. They are four family members in all. He never made any serious damage to my house nor is he being evicted on any issue. I am all over satisfied with him and his family for being my tenant for a long. You can ask for any further information needed.

Best regards!


Michael Watson
CEO Sky Builders and Constructors


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