Proposal Letter for Partnership


Subject: Proposal for [XYZ] partnership

Mr. Andrews,

It is my pleasure to write you this letter and through it, I wish to offer you a formal business partnership. Although we are in a good business relationship for more than 10 years now I am feeling that it must be strengthened by means of the partnership.

The reason why I chose you for this purpose is that we both share the same business goals. I also believe that our businesses will prove to be a good fit for each other because we have a lot of products to share with each other and, in addition, our visions are the same, accompanied by common business goals.

I want to mention here that last time, we launched our project on a trial basis on [date]. Interesting thing is that we got huge success in that pilot project and I believe that this success was all due to the combined efforts of mine and your team. I still remember that huge success and this time I thought of establishing business relationships with you in form of a partnership.

This association, without any doubt, is going to help both of us and by virtue of it, we shall be able to establish our names in our respective departments.

It will also help make us strong both financially and economically. I also want to mention over here that if you agree with this partnership proposal of mine, we need to have a common name for our businesses. In that case, we need to sit together and come up with a suitable name for our businesses.

I am enclosing with this letter a document containing all the legal terms and conditions of this partnership. So, if you agree with my proposal, I am also sending you the contact information of my company and lawyer. Let me know if you want a meeting in this regard. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


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Subject: Partnership proposal for [XYZ]

Dear Kim,

I am pleased to write you this letter because I want to say you through this letter that I want to send a partnership proposal to your company.

It is notable that my company, named [ABC] and your company, [XYZ] are doing businesses in the same market and the most interesting thing here is that we share an almost common type of customers and offer almost same kind of products to them. There is no exaggeration in saying that both of us have gained vast experience, expertise and operating our businesses by means of modern technologies.

Keeping in view all these factors, I believe that if we associate and make our partnership from now onward, no competitor in the market can match our strengths. For the last ten years in the market, we have offered tough competition to each other and this factor has benefited only the customers because we had to lower down our prices at significant levels to attract customers in the market.

Keeping all this scenario in consideration, I have developed a business partnership plan which will benefit both of us. What I believe is that if we establish our partnership, merge our businesses and appear in the market with a single, common and appropriate name, we can achieve immortal success in the market, and in addition, our profit margins will be high.

In addition, we can have the opportunity to get benefit from each other’s experiences and business strategies and can provide our customers with the best quality of our products. Similarly, if we wish to set prices in the market according to our own will, this merger in the form of a partnership will help us achieve this aim as well.

Enclosed with this letter are some documents containing the terms and conditions of this partnership along with the contact information of my company and lawyer. I request you to go through this letter and these documents in detail so that you would have a better idea about my partnership proposal. If you agree to these conditions and accept my proposal, contact me as soon as possible so that we could start our partnership without any further delay. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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