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Complaint Letter for Inaccurate Bill 0

Complaint Letter for Inaccurate Bill

The first and foremost responsibility of all companies and organizations is to build customer’s trust. It can be achieved by prompt resolution of all the issues of customers. A proper teamwork with efficiency gives positive results. Consumers can ease themselves with any good service by paying money. Eventually, everything is directly or indirectly revolving around money. Often it happens that an individual faces the issue of the inaccurate bill. This...

Complaint letter for overcharge 0

Complaint Letter for Overcharge

It is a famous saying that “to err is human and to forgive is divine.” It means that errors and mistakes can happen from anyone. Even, the machines can have errors. The fact is that nothing is perfect in this world. Human beings are the most flexible creature on earth. This is the reason why mistakes happen from them. But it does not mean that one should always err willfully...