Letter to Congratulate Someone for being Accepted as a Priest

Everybody strives to choose the best career for himself. Some can achieve their wishes but sometimes nature decides something different. Now matter in which profession you are serving but devotion should be the prime thing to flourish in the line of work. Especially, if we talk about a Priest, it is dedicated and devoted work to perform. Everybody cannot be qualified for Priest because of its commitment and fidelity to serve the humanity while sacrificing many things to achieve this post. One needs to have a very brave and pious heart for this performance. Those who achieve this, we need to congratulate them and appreciate them to keep their morale high. Because of them, the message of God is spreading to the nations and people reform themselves. It the matter of great honor if someone is being accepted as a Priest. We should congratulate our love ones who are accepted as a priest to present our little regards for them.

Letter to Congratulate Someone for being Accepted as a Priest


St. Paul’s Church

Abbey Churchill

43 St. Pearl Avenue, California.

22nd January 2017


Mr. Peter Michael


Health Park Church

25 St, Silver Crescent Avenue, California.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are having the best life and living happily. I heard the news about you for being accepted as a Priest. It is a matter of great honor for me and I am so proud of you that I cannot explain in words. It was because of your optimistic behavior and positive approach towards the life to serve the humanity. All the course mates are also very happy after hearing this news and presenting their best wishes for your future. Although, it is very dedicated and difficult task to perform this duty but I know with your devotion and keen interest to do something for humanity you would easily go through this tough duty. I congratulate you again for being accepted as a priest. I wish you best of luck for your future and keep remember me in your prayers.

May you prosper in life and serve the humanity as per your plan.


Abbey Churchill

Pastor, St. Paul’s Church


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Letter to Congratulate Someone for being Accepted as a PriestLetter to Congratulate Someone for being Accepted as a Priest

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