Complaint Letter for Services Not Provided at Time

A life is demanded to be happy, prosperous and peaceful. In search of these parameters, life is becoming busier and busier in the hunt of achieving more and more. Due to this reason, people get less time for personal engagements. With the technology ease, people can buy all households and grocery items and can avail all kind of services at their doorstep. Due to busy job schedules and other important engagements, people get lesser time to go for shopping. And in return, they opt for online shopping.

The global technology and the internet are playing a vital role in providing these benefits. All big brands and outlets have the facility of online stores from where one can purchase anything and pay after delivery. In vice-versa, an individual can face issues in online shopping. Sometimes, defected pieces are found. Sometimes, installation services are not provided on time. Such issues must be complained and highlighted to make the company aware of their careless services.

Complaint Letter for Services Not Provided at Time

Cole Hayden
14 St. Nightingale Avenue, California.

June 1st, 2017

Mr. Antonio Garrett
Laser Vision Electronics Company.
24 St. Bridge Avenue, California.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to complain about the careless and unethical response of your company. On 24th May 2017, I purchased a new air conditioner from your company. It was to be installed within 24 hours after purchase. And it is the third day the Air conditioner is not installed. Since the next day, I am calling at your customer service center. The very first time they said that technician is on the way and all day long I kept on waiting. The second day, I again called four times and the same answer I got. I took leaves without pay for these two days. Your lying and unethical behavior are much disappointing. I was not expecting such immoral behavior from a renowned company. Everything just relies on customer’s trust. And if you are not providing customer satisfaction, soon you will suffer failures. I request you to improve your services as well as focus on training of your employees.

I will no longer be your customer.


Cole Hayden.


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Complaint Letter for Services Not Provided at Time
Complaint Letter for Services Not Provided at Time

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