Apology Letter for Providing Incorrect Information

If you give incorrect information then to cover up your mistake you must write an apology letter for it. Apology letter will show that you are a conscientious and well-organized person and the mistake you did was made unconsciously. Whether you have provided incorrect information on purpose or without purpose, you should write an apology letter. Apologizing for your mistake will leave a good impression on the client.

In business, a small mistake can cause major loss so you have to be very careful in your each and every act in the industry. Whether your mistake causes great or less loss, you can cover up it through an apology letter for providing incorrect information. It will make your chances high of being understood and pardoned. Do not worry about the situation just concentrate on how will you come up the loss and fix the damage.

You will have to be apologetic about your fault and take full responsibility of what mistake you have done. If you write an apology letter in business letter terminology and language then it will be helpful for you to get pardoned.

This apology letter will also be helpful to get back your clients and business partners. You should start the letter by saying apologetic remarks and then in the middle tell the reader how your mistake happened. At the end, be thankful for the reader to let you know about the mistake and ask them to give you a chance to overcome it.

Apology Letter for Providing Incorrect Information

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I beg your pardon of disappointing you by providing the incorrect information as I didn’t do it purposely. I can know that how much difficulty you have faced because of my mistake. I am really sorry for the mistake I have made. I can assure you it would not happen again. It is very important for me to get back your trust and I will try my level best to regain your trust and confidence on me.


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Apology Letter for Providing Incorrect InformationApology Letter for Providing Incorrect Information

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