Thank You Letter to Someone for his/her Hard Work

After putting your tireless and determined efforts into a seemingly difficult project, you finally make it successful but guess what? You get no words of recognition, not even a thank you. You’d surely want to quit the employment at the very moment if you’re presented with another choice.

The place where your hard work is not even rewarded with a thank you was surely not made for you. So, I say, thank you is important. They make your employees feel valued and if not given make them feel like a bunch of valueless people rather donkeys working day and night.

Remember it’s not only the money that an employee works for. Words of appreciation, little moments of recognition, and words of gratitude like ‘Thank you’ help them work from their heart, with utmost devotion. What you should never forget is to thank a person for his hard work be he your employee, your co-workers, your junior whoever. If you value people’s hard work today, your hard work will be valued tomorrow.


Dear Ms. [name]

I [name], Principal [school name] am writing to appreciate the hard work you have put into preparing the students for the Earth Day celebrations. As you know that this day is celebrated to show support for environmental protection and to raise awareness in the masses about this issue. You were made the head of the committee to oversee the preparations.

Earth is the only hospitable planet we know of and the way we are depleting its resources, destroying the forests, and polluting the oceans, it would not hold up for long. The effects of global warming have already started showing in the form of hotter temperatures, floods, landslides, increased droughts, and extreme weather conditions.

The children of today are the adults who will run the world tomorrow, so it is important for them to realize the gravity of the situation and to learn the tools to counter this phenomenon.

The events you planned and executed with the students’ help are worth praising. I am sure the students would remember the lessons they learned in these events for a long time.

I especially liked your idea of having a competition among the students for the best recycling project. This taught the kids that they can turn their trash into treasure.

The poster-making competition, the morning assemblies which every class had to present on this topic, and lectures on the importance of water conservation all these events were well planned and executed. As they say, ‘The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.’ Keep up the good work!!


Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] from [department name] am writing to appreciate the hard work you put into the anniversary celebrations of the company. Our prestigious company turned [number] on this [date]. As one of our oldest employees, you have seen a fair share of ups and downs with us and you have contributed a lot to the growth of this company hence it was a unanimous decision to make you the head of the committee overseeing the events marking this momentous occasion.

The events planned included an anniversary dinner for all the regional managers. Arranging an event of this scale is not an easy task. We really want to applaud you for the hard work you put in and the dedication you have shown.

Everything was perfect, from the décor to the menu to the souvenirs presented at the end of the dinner. This shows your ability to manage finances and manpower with skill and finesse. The chief guest personally praised all the arrangements and was very impressed with the proceedings.

The second important part was reaching out to the prospective customers and introducing them to our new products and offering them the special anniversary bargains on offer. Judging from the number of customers who have approached us in the last week it is safe to say that you have been successful in this regard too.

The third task was compiling, publishing, and distributing a newsletter marking this special occasion. We are proud to say that you handled this task very efficiently. The newsletter covers all the milestones we achieved in the last ten years. The print quality and the composition were very attractive.

In the end, we would like to say that your hard work is appreciated and your contributions are highly valued. Keep up the good work!!


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I’m writing this letter to you to thank you for the hard work that you have been putting into your work. The difference between work that is done just as work and the work that is done with devotion can clearly be seen when I compare your work with other employees. You have also been submitting your work well in time and made every project successful in the last two months.

I owe you thanks for all that. Along with this, I am happy to announce to you the news of an increment in your salary. You deserve this for the hard work that you are putting into your work. Thank you again and keep working hard.

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Thank You Letter to Someone for his Hard Work

Thank You Letter to Someone for his/her Hard Work

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