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Dear Mr. Peter John,

I am writing today to lodge a complaint against our football coach Mr. Mark Johnson. Mr. Johnson joined us as a coach two months ago and replaced our previous coach. Mr. Johnson has had a very disrespectful attitude towards the team members and uses a derogatory tone while speaking to us.

Yesterday he made fun of a team member’s walk as he was limping from a football injury. He frequently calls us names and sits in the corner and laughs at our game. He also implies that we know nothing about football, and he would have to make a lot of changes in the team.

As a coach we respect him and wish to take his advice for any changes that may be necessary however, we do not appreciate his condescending tone towards us.

In addition, he has already picked favorites in the team and gives them undue favors. I can understand if he has a bias based on the player’s performance, however, we all work equally hard and have previously won three games under our old coach.

It is unfair that some of us get treated unfairly and given privileges over others. He has a discouraging attitude and would often use phrases like ‘you suck at football’ for our team members.

We request you to please have a meeting with him and explain the matter to him or to please assign a new coach to us.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Collins.

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Dear Mr. Peter John,

My name is Andrew Collins, and I am a final year student and member of the school cricket team. With a heavy heart, I am writing this letter to inform you that we are very dissatisfied with the coach that has been assigned to us for this term.

Our previous coach got sick, and we were assigned Mr. Shawn Lee for this term to coach our cricket team. The intercity finals match is due in a month and unfortunately, our team is suffering in terms of performance as the new coach is not taking his job seriously.

Mr. Shawn has missed his last two coaching classes and we were left to train on our own. Even when he did finally show up for the third scheduled class, he did not care to give us any useful tips or assess the team’s performance. Instead, he kept criticizing our fitness and said that we will never be able to win this game.

This finals game is very important to us and our school. We have been preparing for this game with our previous coach for weeks but somehow, Mr. Shawn thinks we are still not ready. He is making no effort is making any changes and is not taking his coaching job seriously.

We request you to please investigate this matter at your earliest and assign us a new coach who would help us train better for the upcoming match. This match is very important to us, and we do not want to lose because of the discouraging attitude of our coach. We look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Collins.

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