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Letter giving advice to subordinates to resolve a conflict or issue 0

Letter Giving Advice to Subordinates to Resolve a Conflict or Issue

It is natural for conflicts to arise where people of different mindsets and ideas work together. In businesses, many times the employees do not have a consensus of ideas while they work together on a project etc. In such a situation it is the responsibility of seniors to advise their subordinates on how to resolve their mutual conflicts. Businesses require teamwork but a team working together is not enough. It...

Letter Giving Advice to Subordinates about Punctuality 0

Letter Giving Advice to Subordinates about Punctuality

There is no way a business can flourish if its employees do not follow the golden rule of punctuality. Even a minute up and a minute down affect businesses. Apart from the daily routine of reaching the workplace in time, if the employees are not punctual, they are most expected to puncture the whole business since nothing could be done in time. No meeting in time, no commitment in time,...

Letter of Advice to Client 0

Letter of Advice to Client

Clients sometimes seek advice from professionals, for example; professional lawyers, business tycoons, successful landlords etc. The purpose of writing an advice-seeking letter is to share a specific matter with the person in private via letter and to request him to give an advice regarding that. When a professional receives a letter seeking advice, it is among professional norms to write a response letter to the client giving him an advice....