Persuasion Letter to Sales Person for Exceeding Targets

Every company has several targets to achieve regarding the sale of the product. The sales persons are given the specific amount of product to be sold. It is the biggest success of the sales person if he achieves the target. The sales person should be encouraged and backed up on his achievement. The encouragement is very important for every person. The best way to encourage the salesperson is to write the letter. If you are planning to give any incentive or bonus to the employee or want to organize any party for him, you can also announce it through the letter.

Writing the letter of persuasion is the best way to encourage the staff of your company. When the team of the project has achieved something or did something outstanding, you can motivate them to keep up the performance. The letter should be written in such a way that it can express your feelings seriously. If your letter is unable to express your sincere and true feelings, it will always end up annoying your readers and making you pretentious.

The first part of the letter should be about the achievement which has been made by the team. You should tell how pleasant and beneficial it was for the company. You should congratulate them for their success.

After congratulating, you should thank the sales person for putting his efforts in achieving something which is beneficial for the company. The words or the letter is not enough to encourage the salesperson. You should announce some kind of incentives or bonuses that the sales person will receive because of showing excellent performance exceeding the targets. The letter is formal and should be written in a professional way. The language of the letter should be simple and tone should be polite. It should reflect your gratitude towards the sales person.

End the letter by expressing your gratitude towards the sales person. Show that you are confident in his abilities to achieve more targets in future. Wish him best of luck. There should not be any grammatical or spelling error in the letter. It is good to check the letter for any error.

Persuasion Letter to Sales Person for Exceeding Targets


Peter Rose


[Letter Date]


[Recipients Name]


[Subject: Subject of Letter] -Optional-


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am very glad to tell you that the sales team of our company has become one of the best sales team in the region. I would like to congratulate you on this huge success. All the efforts that you have put were not in vain. Your hard work has helped the company exceeding the targets. Let us be even more determined. With this, the company has decided to make a bonus plan for you. I am determined that you will work hard even more for next year and will achieve more than that. We are lucky to have you as a salesperson.


Peter Rose

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Persuasion Letter to Sales Person for Exceeding TargetsPersuasion Letter to Sales Person for Exceeding Targets

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