Letter from a Nurse Seeking Employment

In order to find a job in any sector, one must keep a check of the available opportunities and should go for it right away. Jobs in different sectors require certain education and professional skills. For this, people apply for jobs by sending over their curriculum vitae to seek employment of their interest. In the case of Nurses, the most important thing is a proper education and the second most important thing is the experience. Following letter can be used to apply for a nursing job.

Letter from a Nurse Seeking Employment

Dear [recipient’s name],

This letter has been written in reference to your advertisement regarding the need for a member of your nursing staff in the Sunday magazine of last week. I have a [graduation degree] with a course of [two years] of nursing. I have a [two year] experience as a nurse in [capital international hospital]. Moreover, I just completed a diploma in personal nursing. So, you can employ me as a member of your nursing team or as a personal nurse, I can do both. To me serving humanity is an ultimate goal, giving back to society and helping the needy. While being a nurse, one must have a polite tone and a kind heart to treat his/her patient well. I believe this can cure half of the disease. Many times the full attention of the nurse and the proper care to the patient does wonders and work as a magic. Therefore, I believe nursing is a more of a sacred act than a mere job.

My CV and other important information are attached to the letter. Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-

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Letter from a Nurse Seeking EmploymentLetter from a Nurse Seeking Employment

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