Death Announcement Letter to Church


Re. Death Announcement for PTD Catholics Church, Mountain View

Dear Calvin, with deepest sorrow and grief, this is informed that Mr. Pattinson is no more with this. He has become a soul and unfortunately, we shall never be able to see the beautiful smile around. Pattinson was embodied by handsome physical attributes with sharp angles of the face and a completely witty and sharp sense of humor powered with the characteristic of making anyone laugh at any time. We pray that such a beautiful soul rests in peace and God makes his soul as blissful as he was in this world.

We request Mr. John Calvin and other official authorities of PTD Catholics Church to arrange funeral rituals for the departed one. We have informed all the near and dear ones of Pattinson about his death and obsequies to be held in PTD Catholic Church. An estimated number of twenty men and women will attend the funeral rites. In the site of Pandemic, we are not allowed to take more than twenty people in the ritual. Therefore, we have only called for the close ones of Pattinson including his family, relatives, and close friends.

Mr. Pattinson has been working in the General Accounts Office of Mountain View, California serving as Assistant Accountant since 2012. He was one of the most capable employees and worked with sincerity and immensely hard work. He was awarded the best employee of the year certificate in the JPO Ceremony of Trusted Employees 2015. We see a lot of people talking about his positive attributes around. We want to consider all the positivity and kindness for his funeral rituals.

Keeping all this in view, we request you to arrange a funeral ritual for Mr. Pattinson. Thankful to you would be us.


Geoffery Land
Brother to Mr. Pattinson
Contact: +[X]
I-232 Sector 11, Edward-III Ave, Mountain View

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Re. Announcement of Mr. Golf’s Death to the Church Authorities to Arrange Obsequies for the Deceased

Reverend Head of the Church/Pastor,

I am writing this letter with much grief and sadness as it is intended to communicate and announce the death of Mr. Golf, a resident of Summit, Sacramento. Mr. Golf was an associate of the Denver Legal Firm, a renowned group of private and civil lawyers. He was one of the best and prestigious lawyers in the city. He was 49 years of age. His death has been caused by an unfortunate accident in which 3 other people died and several have been injured.

The accident took place when Mr. Golf was coming back from the Inter-State Legal Convention of 2020. He was riding in a bus which was hit by another bus. The casualties told are much less than anticipated but we lost Mr. Golf in this accident. To support and console the family, relatives, and friends of Mr. Golf, we request the church authorities to provide services for the obsequies of Mr. Golf.

Any appropriate time in the afternoon can be settled between 1 PM to 5 PM. On confirmation by the Church authorities, we shall invite all the relevant members and other people for the funeral rituals. Please let me know the exact time of the funeral rituals and more about the funeral services. My phone no. is [X]. Thank you.


Mrs. Raymond Golf
P-901 RBD Flats, Summit

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