Warning Letter for not Wearing Safety Shoes

A warning letter for not wearing safety shoes in the work environment is written by the manager or the higher authorities of an organization. It notifies the employee to ensure the safety precautions set forth by the company so he/she can adhere to the decorum of the organization. The letter will justify the violation and the worker will be asked to correct his behavior.

If the company has directed its employees to make the safety precautions a part of their attire, then they must follow the rules by all means. If he fails to stick to these rules, then he is risking the lives of both his coworkers and the clients. Therefore, the letter must state the formal possible consequences if the employee fails to wear safety shoes.

Letter 1:

Dear [Employee’s name],

With due respect, it is stated that lately, the management staff had been noticing your formal attire selection. Upon several verbal notifications, you were addressed to wear your safety shoes to follow your complete dress decorum. You failed to adhere to the company’s policies and thus your negligence in safety regulations has caused serious concern to the organization.

As you are well aware of the company’s policies, under section #[Mention section#] on page # [page number] of Terms and Conditions section. It states that every employee should wear formal designated shoes for their safety and protection. This measure not only ensures the safety of the employee himself but also for his colleagues and other staff members. Our company has always considered the health and benefit of its workers. We believe that the quality of our work is the prime reflection of the quality of the products our employees make. No doubt, ensuring the safety regulations in your work environment is a prime duty to serve our customers well. But breaching it is a clear violation of safety rules set forth by the company.

Therefore, you are requested to pay keen attention to your safety precautions which the company has set forth.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely.

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Letter 2:

Dear [Employee’s name],

This letter is intended to inform you about your violation of not wearing the company’s designated safety shoes, even after several verbal warnings given by your supervisors. You somehow managed to wear the shoes for one or two days but then again shifted to your informal attire selection.

You must keep in mind the company’s rules and regulations because the management will not cater to any misconduct like this again. If we observe you wearing non-safety shoes in the working hours, then the Human Resource Department will be forced to form an inquiry against you. It will further lead to your reduction in salary and a demotion in the worst case. Thus, we believe to see a positive change in your work decency from now on.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. We will be waiting for an explanation letter in this regard within 48 hours’ notice.

Yours Sincerely.

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