Letter of Interest in a Project

A project is a set of interrelated tasks in which costs are defined under fixed period of time. Project management is the most demanding field nowadays. It defines certain product or services which can expand the business or either start a new business. Young project managers are much enthusiastic in making projects. And they make very attractive and intuitive projects. Businesses are flourishing worldwide which show good projects. Exhibitions are a great source of showing projects to different companies and people. Good projects are very quickly responded. Motivation and creativity are the need of an hour.

A lot of projects to start new products and services are taking place worldwide. A well-monitored project gives good quality results. Some businesses are improved and flourished very quickly if they choose the right projects. Projects include improvement of business processes, constructions, natural disasters relief. For expertise in projects, they need to b well-defined and on time.

Letter of Interest in a Project

Abundant Technologies
James Wheelock.
Block 11 C, Crystal Avenue, San Francisco

7th October 2017

Mr.  Aber Smith.
Adobe Technologies.
8 St. Alten Avenue, San Francisco.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are very good. I am glad to inform you that I liked the project related to security system on your stall at expo center and my CEO also approved to sign the contract formally. It is a brilliant idea of making any company secure without deploying any manpower. Moreover, it is also covering all aspects of loopholes and flaws that can possibly exist. Because security is the main issue globally now a day and is the focus of all companies. I formally invite you to send any suitable rep for a site visit. After site visit project a presentation covering terms and conditions, an estimated cost of the project, date of delivery, completion of the project and spares supportability. Furthermore, priorities of our company will also be discussed and minor alterations (if possible) will also be conferred as per area’s complexity.

It would be my honor to have your kind presence at my company.


James Wheelock.

Project Manager, Abundant Technologies


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