Complaint Letter for Unhealthy Drinking Water

A healthy body brings a healthy mind and a healthy body is achieved with a healthy diet. Among healthy diets, water is the main constituent. Water is an essential ingredient in human life. The human body consists of 75 percent of water so it needs plenty of water intake in a single day. A proper intake of water keeps one away from almost ninety percent of severe illnesses and diseases. All the body functions work with water. If not taken properly, it results in dehydration.

The quality of water is an important factor to be considered. Contaminated or impure water can put life at stake. Proper filtration plants must be installed in all residential areas, public areas, and business estates. The water-providing authorities should also keep a proper check and balance of all filtration plants. Timely replacements must be done according to the life of filtration plants. When impure drinking water is discovered, a complaint must be lodged to concerning authorities.


Dear Counselor,

This is Mark Buffalo writing from your district, Arizona, to bring your attention to a grave issue our community is going through. We use tap water for drinking and cooking purposes because as claimed by the authorities, it is completely hygienic and safe to do so. However, for the last couple of weeks, we have been noticing contamination in the water. At first, we ignored it assuming it to be a short time problem, but it has now been weeks since the tap water is constantly unhealthy and unhygienic to drink or cook.

Because of this, people in our community have fallen seriously ill. Some of the children had undergone diarrhea and food poisoning owing to which they were admitted to the hospital as well. We have been trying to contact the water and sanitary department, but no one registered our complaint nor come to visit us to probe the matter.

We have been left with no other option but to write this letter of complaint to you for this unhealthy drinking water. We request you visit our community to attend to our complaints and further investigate the issue. If our complaint is not catered to, we will have left with no option but to take another extreme measure.

Moreover, we cannot afford to buy clean, drinkable water for our everyday purposes as it is not budget-friendly for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Hill Town Residency
Robert Wilson
Block 12B, White Pearl Avenue, Las Vegas

July 15th, 20XX

Mr. Hayden Christopher
The Owner
Hill Town Residency Head Office.
34 St. Diamond Avenue, Las Vegas.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to register a complaint about unhealthy drinking water being discovered in our residence. I am complaining on behalf of all the householders. We are facing similar problems for some weeks. The hot water taps bring little worms which can clearly state that filtered water is somewhere mixed with some dirty water. The taste of water is like rust which sounds much troublesome, especially for kids. It is an alarming situation.

You understand that water is needed twenty-four-seven. All the kids in the community are getting ill. After diagnosis, doctors stated the reason for unhealthy drinking water. I need you to take serious note of this issue. And replace the filtration plants along with a monthly check on them. Otherwise, I would be complaining to the mayor to take necessary actions.

I request you resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Robert Wilson.

Resident, Hill Town Residency.


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