School News/Event Announcement Letter

Re. Announcement of Annual School Gala 20XX

Dear Students, it is to announce that the school authorities are going to arrange the annual school gala festival 20XX in September 20XX. We had to skip our annual gala of 20XX due to coronavirus and school closure. This time school is open for the students of grade X and above. The students of grade X and below are not allowed to attend the festival because of coronavirus restrictions and to follow strict SOPs. The minors are at higher risk of contagion in such gatherings, and it becomes difficult for the younger ones to follow all the SOPs completely.

The festival shall include a dancing competition, acting competition, musical competition (it includes instrumental competition as well), and swimming competition. Nevertheless, competitions are announced, and applications are invited for participation.

The eligibility criteria for participation have been updating on our official website and official Instagram page. Final participants shall be announced on 30th August after completing audition sessions and practice. The jury shall be committed to deciding justly, therefore, no one is allowed to challenge or revocate the decision of the jury and no second judgment shall be passed. The decision by jury shall be considered only and final judgment.

You can get your forms from Mrs. Gale and Mrs. Rachel and submit them to the Directorate of Student Affairs office. You can also meet Mr. David from the Administration Wing to contribute to ideas and planning for the festival. Please follow up the announcement for the exact date and day of the festival. Call [X] for any query. Thank you.


Jeniffer Kin
Assistant Manager
Directorate of Student Affairs
RIGIX Plus High School
P-090 Hi-Street, Orlando
Florida, USA

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Re. Commencement of Online Admissions Amidst Covid-19 for the Session-20XX-20XX.

Dear all,

OPUS LY Schools announce the commencement of admissions for the new session of 20XX-20XX. We are glad to let you know that the admissions have been started. People who have completed their PSPC or UGLS can apply for admissions. These admissions are for the spring session of the term. The admissions are open for Computer Science and Information Technology and graduation in three subjects of Social Sciences. These subjects include Sociology, Political Science, and State Relations. Two of the language subjects are also offered including French and Italian.

These admissions shall be through online sources. The school will open its portal for applications on [DATE] and then applicants can apply for the subjects of their interest till [DATE]. Afterward, an online test will be conducted on the school portal to assess the candidates’ general assessment. One program consists of 21 seats and no extra seats shall be arranged or settled. The first forty students shall be taken for the interview and twenty-one students will be given seats for the program. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview. The commencement of classes shall start from [DATE].

The admissions are solely considered online because of coronavirus. No student/applicant is allowed to enter the school premises. Therefore, you are requested to keep the online protocol careful. For more, call the registrar’s office at [cell#]. Visit our website [website] to follow up on the dates and exact times. Write to us at [X].


General Manager
OPUS LY Schools
Florida, USA

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