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Clearance letter for resigned employee 0

Clearance Letters for Various Reasons

1-Clearance letter for employee This is to acknowledge that Miss Elizabeth has served Atchison Company for five years as assistant director. During her tenure, she remained a valuable employee. She gave a lot of benefits to the company in all these years. She deliberately executes her office chores and does not participate in any office controversy. She has handed over office accessories including employee Id card and laptop to the...

Proposal Letter for Partnership 0

Proposal Letter for Partnership

1- Subject: Proposal for [XYZ] partnership Mr. Andrews, It is my pleasure to write you this letter and through it, I wish to offer you a formal business partnership. Although we are in a good business relationship for more than 10 years now I am feeling that it must be strengthened by means of the partnership. The reason why I chose you for this purpose is that we both share...

Letter to Notify Supplier of Quality Issue 0

Letter to Notify Supplier of Quality Issue

1: Subject: Quality Issue regarding [X]Dear Roger, I am writing you this letter in order to draw your attention to an important matter. You are hereby informed through this letter that the material you have been supplying to us is of lower quality and does not meet our standard as per our requirement. I am claiming this after a thorough testing procedure that took place in our company’s material testing...