Apology Letter for Dog Bite

Keeping pets is a hobby for most of us and having a dog is the most common pet. Some people keep dogs not only as their pets but they also help their masters in looking after their homes and lands. Dogs have been found to be very friendly and safe pets. But they can get violent at times, as the behavior of animals cannot always be predicted. If our pets harm anyone, we owe them a sincere apology.

Show your remorse over the incident and express your pain for the victim. Tell them that your animal has been a safe pet so far and the behavior of your pet was very unpredictable. State that you have been taking your animal to the veterinary doctor regularly and the pet has been vaccinated at regular intervals.

Do not forget to mention the remedy like paying for the medical bills of the victim. Make the victim confident that you will take steps to train your pet to be safer and look after your pet in a proper way.

Apology Letter for Dog Bite


[Your Name]

Dear [Recipient Name],

I and my wife are extremely upset about what happened at our home last night. Our dog has been a very calm pet so we could never imagine that he might bite someone.

I have always been fascinated by big and energetic dogs and so I bought one. It is not Tommy’s fault to bite you rather I am the one to be blamed. Tommy had been under training since the day he became our family member. However, we just realized that he needs more training. We bought a dog from this breed to help us on our farm. But we have been ignoring Tommy a lot. We never took him for a walk or even gave him time to play with us.

He has been a very energetic dog and he is not getting enough activities to release his energy. We have to take Tommy to the vet doctor regularly and he has been taking his rabies shot on time as well.

I called to inquire about your health when your mother informed me that your leg has been injured badly. I really feel bad that you will not be able to drive around. I am available at all times to drive you around whenever you need. I will also want to pay for all your medical expenses.

We will make sure that Tommy will never do this again to you or to anyone else. We have decided to take him for a walk twice in a day and play with him. We have also scheduled to take Tommy for an obedience training program.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We will visit you someday soon. I hope this event will not harm our friendship.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for Dog BiteApology Letter for Dog Bite

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