Apology Letter for Wrong Attachment

Sample -1

Dear Anderson,

Here is Lee, the branch manager of stars marketing company. Through this letter, I want to seek your apology on behalf of my company. I cannot measure the extent of inconvenience that has been caused to you by the negligence of Ms. Sara, who is working as customer service representatives in our company.

I want to mention here that upon receiving your request on the 12th of August 20XX, I directed the aforementioned to send you the invoice details for the month of July. But I am very sorry to know that she not only sent you the wrong invoice through email attachment but also caused you some serious problems. This act of negligence also caused some problems for our accounts department.

I must admit here that more than normal vigilance should have been exhibited by her while sending the emails to our potential clients like you. It was really a surprising thing for me because such a mistake was not expected from her since she had been trained by a renowned professional at the time of joining.

We believe in quality and strive hard to provide the best services to our customers and that is why they trust us. since we value our respected customers, therefore we have implemented a zero-tolerance policy for any act of negligence by our employees. It was a mistake which caused inconvenience for you and we seek an apology for this particular mistake. We will not only make sure to eliminate any chance of such a mistake in the future but also set an example for other employees to follow.

As compensation, the company is sending you a cheque of $200 which can be used at any of our outlets for shopping purposes only. We promise you to provide you the best services and assure you that such an incident would never take place in the future.

Yours faithfully,

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Sample -2

Subject: Apology letter for wrong attachment

Dear Johnson,

I received your grievance email yesterday. I felt sorry for the disappointment which was caused due to the mistake of one of our customer care representatives, Mr. Brad Hooke. It was revealed to me later that he attached a wrong file with an email and sent you straight away without checking it further. I want to mention here that we function on the inflexible schedule here in the office in order to make sure that such negligence wouldn’t happen on a regular basis. I hereby seek the apology on behalf of my company for this act of negligence and take full responsibility for the incident.

At the moment, we are investigating the matter carefully to find the hidden facts behind this mistake because we know the importance of those documents which you asked us to send immediately. Customer satisfaction means a lot to us and we don’t compromise in this area. We try our best to cater to your needs and demands in the best possible way.

Being the manager of the company branch, I hereby promise you that this matter will be looked deeply and that such a mistake would not be repeated in the future. Please give us a chance to settle the things in the right way. At the same time, I hope you will continue doing business with us and this incident will not affect our good relation.

Yours truly,

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