Warning Letter for Not Sticking to Role Given

Oftentimes, your employee may fail embracing his official role owing to multiple reasons and this obstructive attitude can be a hindrance to your business’s growth. Such behaviors cannot be kept a secret for long for soon enough, the boss, or any head, reckons it.

Whenever you are in such an unpromising situation where your subordinate is not willing to adapt to his professional role, you may confront the situation before it accelerates. Your first interaction should be a verbal one because manifesting the problem may be enough for him to grasp the whole idea. You can call him in your office or pay a visit to his desk to address the matter and remind in a clear yet lenient way what he was employed for and what his contractual agreement is regarding performance.

Since it is in the best interests of your business to not use the stick but carrot for encouraging and motivating your employees, giving incentives won’t hurt you. Losing your temper on the heedlessness of the staff may push you to make impulsive decisions for instance firing them. However, such sudden and hasty escapes will harm the retention of your employees. You can bait them a little with the temptation of bonuses and potential promotion based on a continuous solid performance. Motivation with the sole purpose of helping them grow in their careers can also work.

If your worker is wise and diligent enough to recognize his mistake from this verbal warning, he will develop and improve. But if he is reluctant to grow and gives excuses for not engaging in moving forward, this is a time you need to apply disciplinary methods now. Forget about the carrot and make use of the stick now because you cannot keep damaging your business’s name in the market.

Write the relevant person a warning letter for not sticking to their role. Mention how he/she has been negligent despite having counseled and warned vocally before.

You can also speak of the incentives and motivations offered in order to assist them if they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with the role. Having such references can make your letter strong as you can prove that you tried your hard, but the worker is unwilling to move forward. So that if there are any legal complications, you, as the employer, can always refer to the efforts made.

Sample Letter

Dear Angelina,

It is hereby intimated to you that I, as your department head, am quite disappointed in you for not sticking to your role. It has been brought to my attention that you are continuously ignoring your professional role assigned to you on your employment. Your careless professional manners are hurting the business endangering the company’s reputation in the marketplace.

You have been warned verbally and given incentives on multiple occasions to change your behavior and move forward but it seems like you are unwilling to grow in your career. On the contrary, your heedless attitude proves otherwise.

Please take this letter as your last chance to reevaluate your actions and show promising performance or your contract shall be terminated.


Department Head

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