Transfer Request Letter due to Family Problem


My name is Angela, working as marketing manager in this company for the last five years and through this letter, I would like to submit my formal request for transfer to New York to the Michigan office of this company.

Last month, my husband was transferred to the Michigan office and this is the main reason due to which I have been forced to forward this request of mine. I have been associated with this company for the last five years. I gained fabulous experience and groomed myself a lot while working in this company and I do not want to discontinue it due to my husband’s transfer.

What I believe and want to say here is that this transfer would be beneficial for me and this company as well. If you give me this favor, my traveling time from Michigan to New York to meet my husband will be saved and, in this way, I would be able to perform my assigned duties in an efficient way.

I know that I am a part of a prestigious organization and would like to remain its part throughout. So, with just a change in my working city, it would be easy for me to continue my job. You can also understand the fact that it becomes difficult for a woman to live without her husband in a strange city.

I would be thankful to you if we can talk and work out a possible solution that is beneficial for me and the company as well. If you agree with my transfer request, I am ready to assist you and can train a junior or any incumbent whom you will hire to fill my vacancy. I assure you to give my best in this regard. I had a wonderful journey with this company and gained an amazing experience while working here.

I am thanking you in anticipation for considering my request and waiting for your positive response.


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Subject: Request of transfer from [X] to [Y].

Dear Sir,

I am Andrews, finance manager of Stars Chemicals and this letter of mine is a humble request to transfer New York to my native state, Michigan. You must understand that I am not leaving the company and my loyalty to this company is the same as it was ten years ago, the time when I joined this company. But now, due to a family problem, it has become indispensable for me to send you a transfer request.

You know that I am living here alone and my family members are there in Michigan. Everything was going well and I came across a sad incident. My wife was diagnosed with blood cancer after a series of clinical tests.

Dear Sir, I have three children and two of them are school going. Although my parents are living with my wife they are too old to take good care of her. Also, with my little income, I cannot afford a maid. In last month’s newsletter, it was announced by the management of the company that a new branch is going to be established very soon and fortunately, that place is near my house.

To me, the only solution to this problem is that I should be transferred to that office so that I could take good care of my wife and children.

Sir, my family is a top priority and if I am not transferred, it will be difficult for me to continue my job owing to the prevailing circumstances. But I am hoping you will entertain my request and direct the respective department to issue my transfer order as soon as possible. It will indeed be a great virtue from you and I thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely.

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