Apology Letter for Lost Item

It is a common notion to borrow items from our friends or relatives. Losing out items can happen with us sometimes and on such an occasion, a quick apology is very important. Politely apologize for the loss and explain as to why you borrowed the item. Explain any reasons for the loss.

Mention that you are a very conscious person and take proper care of the belongings of other people and this does not happen frequently. Try to make up for the loss by either paying for the damages or purchasing the same item. Inquire about the concerns of the people about the loss and try to sympathize with the feelings of the loss.

Apology Letter for Lost Item


[Your Name]



Dear [Recipient Name],

My convocation was held two days ago and it was the best day of my life. We all have some memorable days and we want to look our best on special occasions. It has been very kind of you to borrow me your wrist watch. I have always been very obsessed with wrist watches but I was never able to afford my favorite wrist watch as the money I saved was used to pay for my university fee.

So, I decided to borrow your watch as it matched my dress. I am a very caring person and I always keep my things with a lot of care. The convocation dinner ended very late and as soon as I came back home, I placed in your watch with a lot of care. But in the morning, I was not able to find your watch. I was looking everywhere for your watch and I had also been asking my family if they know anything about the watch.

I am very grateful to you for your effort to share your things with me. And I cannot apologize enough for losing your watch. I would like to know from where did you get that watch and I would like to buy it for you or else, I can also pay you for the loss.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for Lost ItemApology Letter for Lost Item

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