Complaint Letter to School Principal

The first and foremost requirement of the children is to get educated. The best place to get an education is the school. It is the only place for learning and grooming.

We learn how to behave in society and how to move with society. We learn healthy habits. The school has the primary responsibility to provide a positive learning environment. The environment should be progressive and productive and motivating. Especially, the teaching pattern matters a lot.

The teachers need to be much careful regarding children’s nature, habits, and psychology. It has a strong impact on the learning ability of a student. The teachers need to develop a positive behavior in the class to keep balance among all kind of students.

Often, it happens that the teacher’s behavior is not good for some students. It results in mental disorders and a strong negative personality of a student. In such cases, the students or their parents should make complaints against such kind of teachers.

Complaint Letter to School Principal


Eric Richard
12 St. Birds Avenue, Nevada

3rd May 2017

Mr. Robert Clinton
Xavier School
24 St, Rose Avenue, Nevada.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am Eric, James Father. James is in Mr. Henry’s ninth-grade class. I am writing to make a complaint against Mr. Henry.

It has been the third month; my child James is having issues regarding Mr. Henry’s behavior. In all the previous grades James was an outstanding student. All the previous teachers always praised his excellent performance.

Since the time, he started his grade nine; his grades and performance are unsatisfactory. The teacher’s behavior with my son is much rude and taunting. I requested a parent-teacher meeting last week, but he said he has no time. I tried to call him afterward and he did not pick my call. As I got nil response, so I am writing to you to talk to Mr. Henry.

His unusual behavior is ruining my son’s personality and behavior. He is not paying attention to his studies and always complaints about the teacher’s attitude. I request you to sort out this matter as soon as possible.

I am waiting for your kind response.


Eric Richard


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