Reference Letter for Rent a House or Apartment

Writing reference for someone is like an endorsement. A reference letter is written to give an overview of a person’s character, abilities, etc. The writer should be confirmed about the capabilities of a person for whom he is writing. One needs to explain his connection to the person for whom he has to give the reference. The basic information of the person is also needed. The tone needs to be concerning and appealing. The main reason should be explained correctly.

Such letters can be written for job applicants, landlords, lease applicants, etc. The job applicants need such references to find the best suitable job. Sometimes our nearest friends or colleagues are in search of rental apartments. We can help them by writing a reference letter to our landlord, depending on the availability of the apartment.

In addition, the correct format is important to follow while writing references. Additional information should be given on request in such letters.


To whom it may concern

Mr. [name] has been my tenant for the last five years. He rented my apartment located at [address] on [date]. He has always been regular in monthly rental payments and has kept the property in a good condition.

As you understand in apartments, there is a lot of shared space, hence, there are increased chances of conflict, but he is a respectful person and gets along nicely with the other tenants and we have never had any complaints in this regard. It is easy to communicate with him as he is open to suggestions and follows the clauses in the rental agreement.

Due to their transfer to another city, they have vacated my apartment on [date]. I can vouch for them due to my personal experience.



Dear Mr. [name]

I am writing in response to your letter inquiring about Mr. [name]. He rented my house located at [address] on [date]. He came with very strong recommendations and we found them to be true. He was regular in his monthly rental payments except for two times when he had some financial problems. He cleared the dues within three months and we have never had a problem again. He has cared for the property and we do not have any complaints in this regard.

In fact, he took an interest in the maintenance of the house and reported anything that needed repair. He had paid the security deposit on time.

He is reasonable with his demands and very respectful in communicating them. He was polite and cooperative with the neighbors too. Based on all these facts, I can vouch for him so if you are having any qualms about renting your house to him you can relax and take my word for it. For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with me at [phone number].

Wishing you all the best.


Alice Charles
Block 22C, Sunset Avenue, Washington


Mr. Tom Clinton
Ann Apartments
23 St. Sunset Avenues, Washington.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well and things running smoothly. I am John Charles. I am a tenant in your apartment for 4 years. My colleague and dearest friend Doyle is seeking an apartment. As we both work in the same organization, he needs an apartment near mine. My apartment is very near to our organization.

Two days ago, I read the notice of two apartments available for rent. He is very diligent and hardworking. He keeps good cleanliness as we were roommates for 3 years in high school. He is very responsive in paying all bills and utilities and he is a man of words. As you are a kind landlord and you are always concerned with finding cooperative tenants.

I find him best suitable for your apartments. I am sure you would not have any complaints. Please feel free to inquire about any further information you need.

I hope to hear back soon.


Alice Charles

Resident, Ann Apartments.


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