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Job Refusal Letter to Company 0

Job Refusal Letter to Company

When you are not accepting a job offered by a company for any reason, writing a rejection letter is the right thing to do. Declining the job offer verbally is not a practical act and it is good to write a letter. The purpose of writing the letter is to let the reader know that you are turning down the job offered by them. The letter should be short and...

Letter to Decline an Invitation to speak or Perform 0

Letter to Decline an Invitation to Speak or Perform

Speaking or performing in an event requires skills and expertise. The motto of all formal events like conference, seminar, career counselings etc. is to convince the audience without creating boredom. Some tips for speaking if followed prove very helpful for the speaker. These tips are knowledge about audience type, avoid nervousness, attain purpose efficiently, and get feedback, adopt attractive and dynamic speech style. The tone of the speaker matters the...