Apology Letter for Child Misbehavior

Children are vulnerable and you can never predict their behaviors. Bringing up our kids well is our foremost important duty which every parent wants to do with a lot of love and attention. When our kids misbehave with people, it brings a lot of humiliation for us.

Briefly, explain what your child has done. Explain any reasons for your child’s behavior. State that you made your child realizes his/her mistake and your child is ready to apologize. Make sure that you have taken a serious note of your child’s behavior and you will work on your child to improve his/her behavior for future.

Apology Letter for Child Misbehavior

Dear [Recipient Name],

Thank you for inviting us to the birthday party of your daughter. She has been growing up beautiful and seems to be a wonderful person for her age. We really had a good time as my kids love going to birthday parties.

You’re a mother of two so can understand very well the nature of kids. They are unpredictable. You can never tell what is next in their mind. My younger one has been the naughtiest child I have ever seen. But he is very good at heart. He loves cutting cakes. When his siblings are celebrating their birthdays, he is the one who would cut the cake.

During the birthday party, he wanted the same, to cut the cake. I was trying to control him when he started crying loudly in front of the whole party. He wasn’t ready to settle for anything less than cutting the cake himself. And to calm him down I had to listen to him.

His behavior is not very acceptable to us as me and my husband is very keen about the upbringing of our kids. After coming back home, I did speak to him about this matter and he is ready to apologize. But he is very young to compose a letter on his own so I had to write on his behalf.

I guarantee you that we will give him some sort of punishment to realize his behavior and improve it for the future. Please accept my apology. We would like to visit you someday so that my son can apologize in person to you and your daughter.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for Child MisbehaviorApology Letter for Child Misbehavior

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