Immediate Resignation Letter due to Health Reason


I am Maxwell and was working in your organization in the post of communication assistant for the last fifteen years. During these years I had been a very efficient employee and you admire me as well, but due to my serious health condition, I have to resign on an urgent basis.

Last month I was met with a serious accident and as a result of it I lost my both legs and my backbone was fractured as well and doctors have declared me disabled till the rest of my life as I would not be able to walk on my own again. I did not want to resign but keeping in view the current scenario my health does not allow me to continue with this job. Therefore, I have decided to resign on an immediate basis. I hope that you will understand my situation and will accept my resignation request.

I have attached all the necessary documents along with the letter and if you want further details you can contact me on my phone number. Moreover, I want you to give me the salary for this month also as I have to pay my hospital dues.



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15 February 20XX
Twain Luther
New York, 7890

Dear Mr. Luther,

I hope you are fine. This letter is to inform you that I want resignation from my job on urgent basis. I have been teaching in this institute since last fifteen years and was very efficient and hardworking teacher but due to fracture in my backbone, I am unable to perform my duties. Moreover, doctors have advised me to take bed rest of at least six months so I would be unable to continue teaching in the institute.

As you know health is wealth and one needs to maintain his health by taking proper care. We cannot do any work unless we are mentally and physically fit for it. I was facing this issue for the last two years but I did not pay any heed towards my health and continued work, so the results of this carelessness are before me now. Now I want proper rest and I want to spend my remaining lifetime enjoying the beauty of nature and focusing on my health. My health does not allow me now to bear any kind of burdensome work and I want a break from this tiresome routine.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned circumstances, I hope that you will understand my situation well. I am informing you now so may you hire another person as my replacement as I don’t want to see the progress of my students going down. I want you to sign this resignation letter immediately, any further requirements that I have to fulfill regarding my clearance, you can tell me at my email address. Thank you!


Steve Jobs

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