Welcome Letter to New Employee by Manager


Hope you are enjoying your new job. I welcome you warmly to ABC Company. We are exhilarated by your decision of accepting the job offer as well as accepting its terms and conditions. I hope that you find this letter with full excitement on your new journey with ABC Company.

As you had mentioned in your interview that you are interested in accounting. According to reports of your new position, I welcome you on behalf of my all staff of the accounts department. I assure you that each member will play a vital part in ensuring your triumphant incorporation into the company.

You are advised to come on the 15th of this month for orientation that is held for every new employee. We will have an official meeting in which we will talk about your affluent inclusion in the company.

Moreover, you will also get to know the ways of solving employee’s issues. In order to know the job condition of your other coworkers, you will also meet with them. We prefer a casual dress code for our employees.

We will have lunch in which you will have a casual meeting with your coworkers. Hence it will give you a chance to know about them.

On your first day, we will set some goals regarding your work. This will be to increase your stamina and productivity. On the second day of your job, I will involve you with some other employees and we will have a general meeting to give you a complete understanding of the department. You will have the benefit to carry on with your employee orientation.

In the end, we once again welcome you to our company. Before your starting date in the company, if you have any queries then you can let me know. You can also send me an email for your convenience. Best of luck with your new journey with us.


Adolf Stalin

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Dear Mr. Neil,

This letter is to explain to you to notify you about your decision of joining the ABC Organization and I welcome you wholeheartedly on behalf of my all staff. We are all happy to see you as a new teammate of the company. You are expected to come to the job this Monday 10th March at 900 hours. We prefer to wear a casual business dress code for our employees. The daily schedule that we have designed for our employees is flexible. On your first day here we will talk about your working hours here. Miss Jessica, your department’s assistant manager will let you know the detailed account about the department and our company.

Here I will give you a brief overview regarding your initial days in the company. You have to attend orientation arranged by Mr. Alexie where you will be briefed about the company’s set goals and accomplish paperwork of new employees.

Your schedule for the first week has been set and our main aim is to introduce you to the kind of work that you are supposed to do in the organization. Mr. Margret will give you complete training and will assist you in every possible way. He is a highly talented and oriented man and will provide you all the basic techniques that you require to learn. Your office will also be adjacent to him and hence your coaching can be proceeding.

Moreover, we have scheduled a meeting with other departments where you will get to know about their kind of work as well. Mr. Margret will also introduce you to some of our employees with whom you need to meet. All this setup has been finalized for your first day of the job here.

You are free to ask anything if you have it in mind. I wish you the best of luck and welcome you once again to join us in the journey of progress and success.


Mark David

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