Complaint letter for Bullying

In our daily routine, we deal with different people with different natures. Some people are polite; some are aggressive while others show mix trend in their behavior depending on their mood. Similarly, our attitude can also cause to change the behavior of the person with whom we are dealing. But if other person is unnecessary bullying and showing rational behavior then we should adopt the remedial action to avoid him or reform him. Nobody can hurt the ego of anyone. If somebody is doing so, then he should be stopped then and there. But it solely depends on how you handle the matter. Whether you tactfully handle the other person on the spot or complaint about him to the concerning authority to avoid any misconduct, it is your wisdom of pulse reading. It is a general courtesy to handle the matter politely initially but if circumstances do not allow this then definitely matter is to be reported to safeguard yourself in future. It also warns another person to reform himself.

Complaint Letter for Bullying at Superstore


Nine Star Superstore
Adam Carson
19 St. Horse Court Avenue, Los Angeles.

27th June 2017


Mr. Cole Steven.
Assistant Police Commissioner
General Complaint Office
22 St. Crest Avenue, Los Angeles.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing a complaint about a group of teenagers. I run a renowned superstore at Renton Street. Yesterday, three teenagers came to my superstore for buying grocery items and after buying the grocery of worth one hundred dollars, they tried to pay the bill through credit card which was blocked. Initially, they complain about malfunctioning of credit card machine and later threw all grocery on the ground on my demand of payment. This act wasted the grocery about worth 20 dollars. Moreover, they also abused me and my staff which was trying to clarify them about correct functioning of credit card machine. Instead of excuse, they went outside pushing me back to the counter. I have CCTV recording of the entire incident which I would like to send you separately. I request you to take necessary actions against the bullying group and compensate my loss at earliest.


Adam Carson.

The Owner, Nine Star Superstore.


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Complaint Letter for Bullying at SuperstoreComplaint letter for Bullying at Superstore

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