Letter to Cancel an Invitation to Decorate a Venue

An event is not completed without the decoration of the venue. In small events, people decorate the venue themselves while grand events are outsourced for decoration. Searching for decorators is a tricky task that involves the reputation of decorators, quality of work, and financial analysis.

In this view, a meeting is planned with decorators, venue and its beatification are discussed with them and finally, financial aspects are confirmed. Sometimes, the booking is confirmed by paying an advance amount of money and sometimes, through a written invitation to decorators. But in all the scenarios, it is advisable to show the venue to decorators prior to dealing with them, and selection of decoration may be conveyed through pictures if any event was previously held at the same venue.

On the other hand, the decorators also need to check the venue physically and understand the requirements of the client to avoid any inconvenience on the spot. And if the decorator is unable to provide requisite beautification due to any reason then the best way to inform the client is to write a letter to cancel the dealings.


We deeply regret to inform you that we would have to decline your invitation to decorate the venue for your son’s wedding. As you know the wedding season is in full swing. We are pre-booked for the next four months.

It is always better to approach any wedding planner minimum of three months before the event. Trust us it may sound like a simple or straightforward affair but the reality is far from it. It takes at least three meetings with the family to decide what type of theme, color palette, and look they have in their minds.

Based on this information we design a mood board for them, showing them what flowers would be available for them in the season they are aiming to have the wedding in, what kind of setting ( indoor/outdoor) would be most suitable considering the weather conditions, number of guests and the theme they have selected.

The music to be played, the photographer to be hired, the wedding menu and the caterers to be hired, sourcing the flowers and theme-based decor, and a thousand other things; a lot goes into planning a wedding and it is not such a simple task.

We want to apologize for not being able to serve you but with our tight schedule and the long list of nitty-gritty that needs to be looked into, we would not be able to manage your event as we do not want to break the trust you have put in us by giving you a shoddy décor. Looking forward to your understanding and doing business with you in the future.


I am writing to inform you that we would not be able to honor your request. We had received a letter from you on [date] requesting us to decorate the venue for your daughter’s first birthday in [client’s city name] on [birthday date]. We are sorry but that would not be possible due to logistical reasons.

Sir, we operate in [name of city] and it is not possible for us to come to [client’s city name]. To decorate a venue we require a lot of equipment, theme-based décor items, and our team comprising of five men. It is not possible for us to travel with all this luggage and human resource, decorate the venue and come back the same day. Neither is a night stay in another city financially feasible, especially with our entire team.

We hope that you would understand our problem and take it positively. Whenever you need us for any special occasion in [city name], we would be honored to serve you. We are flattered that you chose us for such a special occasion and want to wish the little princess a very happy birthday. We hope that it is a truly memorable occasion. Looking forward to serving you in the future.


Classic Event Decorators and Organizers
Nicholas Edward
34 St. Andrew Avenue, Oklahoma.

April 30th, 2017

Mr. Xavier Jacob.
22 St. Park Avenue, Oklahoma.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are fine and enjoying your health. I have received your invitation to decorate a blue garden next week for the wedding ceremony of your son as per discussed manner. I am regretting to inform you that I am unable to decorate the venue in a stipulated time frame. At the time of the meeting, it was informed to you that we only book the client two weeks prior, at least.

Secondly, the area is too wide to cover with just tiny stage settings. Moreover, arranging a large-scale stage required two weeks to manufacture a special stage. Therefore, it is decided to cancel your invitation to decorate the said venue to avoid any misconduct of the event with respect to beautification. It would be a logical decision to book any other decorator at the earliest.

Thank you for your invitation.


Nicholas Edward.

Manager, Classic Event Decorators, and Organizers.


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