Letter to Confirm an Authorization given to someone

You may own authority over something and may sometimes have to transfer that authority temporarily or permanently to somebody else. For this reason, authorization letters are written. Authorization letters are also legal letters which means they can be used as legal proof in case needed. The already granted authorizations at times have to be refreshed by writing confirmation of authorization letters.

In such a letter, the sender mentions the matter or thing the authority of which has been granted and confirms his granted authorization. Since authorization or confirmation of an authorization letter is a legal letter, it should be signed by the sender to confirm the letter has been written by him.


Under provision given in Company Rules [name of rule] and authorization given by Director of Policy Mr. [name], [title] Mr. [name] from [accounts firm name] is hereby authorized to access the [name] account details for a period of [no of months/weeks/days] from [date to date]. He is a very competent accountant and his firm has been dealing with all the tax issues and account audits for the past [number] years.

He has been hired by the company as an external resource to audit, and identify anomalies/irregularities (if any) to enable us to rectify them before the Annual Accounts Audit scheduled at the end of the year. He has been given complete clearance by the Head office to audit this account and you are requested to offer your full co-operation from your staff and accountants.

You are also requested to nominate a liaison officer with Mr. [name] for the duration of the audit. Administrative assistance required for him has already been coordinated with the administration section, details of which will be shared with your department by the Human Resource Department shortly.

In case of any further queries please contact Mr. [name] of [Department Name] at [phone number] or email him at [email address].


Dear Mr. [name]

This letter is to confirm that [name] student of [grade name] has been authorized to access the school students’ records. He is doing research for his sociology project and requires the last five years’ data of all the students.

Please cooperate with him. In case of any quarries please contact the principal.


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

My child is studying at your school in [enter grade]. I am writing to you to inform you that due to having a busy business schedule, I shall be traveling throughout the year and will not be able to attend the parent-teacher meetings at the school. Mr. [enter name] has been tutoring my child since [enter period] and has been attending the meetings on my behalf.

I would like to confirm his authorization to work in my absence as my child’s guardian for all the matters related to my child. During the course of my absence, if any kind of consent or authorization letter would be required, his authority should be considered. Thank you!


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