Request Letter for Toilet Repairing

18 February 20XX
Mathew Arnold
8888 Street
(0000) 222-0000

Dear Mr. Arnold, I am Stalin and working in your institute for the last five years. From the day I have come here, I am facing the same issue again and again and I have reported to you several times to deal with this matter, but it seems that you are not serious about this at all. Not only me but others are also facing the same issue as I am facing. I want to draw your attention to the toilet repairing that needs to be done. Each time we go there its flush is always clogged and the pipes there are not working well and because of this flush does not work and remains clogged.

I want you to make this issue resolved as soon as possible. It has made us work there impossible because of the bad smell from toilet disturbs and no one is comfortable enough to work in this situation. Moreover, it is also unhygienic, we all have to eat food in break time and this thing invites germs to spread on food which is not good for health. Last week, Miss Matilda got diarrhea because of this and now she is hospitalized, and doctors have strictly advised her not to work in this unhealthy environment. We can also be the next victim if the same situation continues to prevail.

I hope that you will understand what has been mentioned above and you will do something for the repair of the toilet, and I have written this to you on the behalf of all the employees that are working here. We would be very thankful to you if you do something to resolve the issue.


Stalin Martha

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Sample -2

18 February 20XX
Robin Jack
New York, Street 666

Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing this letter to you to remind you about the toilets repairing which are causing a big problem for all of us. I have complained about it to you last month and you have assured me that you will make it repaired in one or two days, but it was just verbally no practical action was taken for this. This time I am writing to you on a serious note to do something about it.

As you know very well that there is a rainy season nowadays and the pipes of the toilet do not work well and there remains water leakage because of which floor remains wet all the time and it becomes impossible for all of us to use it.

Moreover, flush also remains cluttered due to this and does not flush out things properly which is causing a big problem for all of us and we are unable to use it for the last seven days. Not only this, but water has also started coming out in our rooms as well and it is making the things dirty and smelly. We are in a big problem because of all of this and I want you to draw your attention to it.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned things, I want you to visit my office as soon as possible and find out a solution to this problem as it is very problematic now to breathe in such a smelly atmosphere. Here is my contact number [X]; you can contact me on this before coming. Thank you!


Molly John

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