Motivation Letter to a Journalist

Appreciating someone on his accomplishment in his professional life is very important to keep that person directed and targeted towards his goals. The appreciation has a very positive impact on the personality of the person. You can appreciate the person verbally or in writing, however, the written letter has a more strong influence on the person. Your motivation can make the reader more enthusiastic and passionate towards his goals and he can boost his courage to excel his skills.

The motivation letter to a journalist is written when he or she has achieved something extraordinary in his career that can have a big impact on his professional life. It can also be written when the journalist has achieved any award. Your appreciation can boost the reader to achieve even more in his life. You can also offer your help and assistance to the reader if required. Also, express your confidence in more accomplishments of the reader in future. It should be stated in the letter that the success of the journalist has strongly impacted your mind. If you are impressed by any article of the journalist, you can mention some points which have really impressed you. This will show your true care for the reader. There should not be any grammatical mistake in the letter. You should check the letter for all such mistakes. The tone of the letter should be positive. Wish the reader for best.

Motivational Letter to a Journalist

Peter Higgs


[Letter Date]


[Recipients Name]


[Subject: Subject of Letter] -Optional-


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am greatly amazed by the quality of words in the article of you which was published on last Sunday in Times Newspaper. I can really feel your hard work that you have put to gather all the data. Your article also reflects your courage and time that you have invested in writing the column in the newspaper in such a daring way. There are very few journalists who can show this kind of bravery to expose the true picture of society. I was so much impressed by your article that I shared that with many of my friends. They also liked it and found it very interesting. I really appreciate the way you have tried to put your thoughts into words. There are quite a few people who are blessed with the ability that you have and I really appreciate it.

I hope that if you will continue your hard work in the field of journalism, you will make your way through it one day and will become one of the most successful journalists in the country. Because of your great writing skills and your insight in current affairs, I can see that you have a bright future. Your work is really a great service to the whole community. I am really very much impressed by your work and looking forward to more articles from you. Accept my warm wishes for your future.

Peter Higgs

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Motivation Letter to a journalistMotivation Letter to a Journalist

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