Requesting Boss for Employment Verification Document

Sample -1

I hope you will be fine and enjoying best of the health. My name is Anderson, and I am working as a store manager in one of your branches in Michigan. Through this letter, I wish to send you a formal request of issuing me the employment verification certificate.

You are in best knowledge of the fact that I came here in the USA five years ago for better employment and handsome earning and since then, I have been working in your Michigan branch. Now, I want to get the status of permanent citizenship of the USA. For this purpose, I applied for a permanent visa and the concerned authority directed me to get the employment verification certificate from my current employer.

Since you are my current boss and I am working under your ownership, therefore, I request you to issue me the above-mentioned certificate so that I could get the status of a permanent citizen as soon as possible and without any hurdle. This certificate should contain information about my current position, salary, years I spent working here. You may add a positive statement about my character to give me some benefit. Most important of all, this verification document must be a sealed certificate containing your signature and stamp on the company letter pad.

I hope you will give due consideration to my request and entertain it as soon as possible so that I may submit my application without any hurdle. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely.

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Sample -2

Subject: Requesting employment verification document

Dear Sir,

I am Johnson, working as a storekeeper in your store located in Michigan. I am writing this letter to request you to issue me an employment verification certificate. You know that I recently came here to the USA in search of better opportunities for employment. Fortunately, I got the job at your store where I am getting a handsome salary. After spending three months in one of my relative’s homes, now I need to get a home on rent. I have searched for a home for this purpose, but the owner of that home is asking for an employment verification certificate from my current employer to have an idea whether I would be able to pay the home rent or not.

Since you are my current employer and have the best knowledge of the facts about me, I, therefore, request you to issue me an employment verification document. This certificate should contain my job title, my salary details, the time I have spent in your company while working and a brief positive statement about my character. Moreover, it must be written on the company letter pad containing your signature and stamp.

It is mentioned again that I am not in the position to buy a home for residence purposes therefore, you are requested to issue me the document as soon as possible so that I would get home on rent as quickly as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely.

Size: 20 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later



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