Request Letter for Revised Invoice

A request letter for the revised invoice is written by the buyer of the items to inform the seller about the identified errors that were spotted in the invoice. That way you can possibly ask the seller party for a revised invoice by writing formally about the dispute. The letter will simply provide the referred invoice number and the identified error to be corrected.

These billing errors are usually unintentional and contain manual errors. They are rare cases and can be resolved by writing a formal letter so your business relationship with the other party is not affected.

Letter 1:

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This letter is intended to inform you about the recent invoice for our purchases from your company. The invoice was incorrect, and it had several errors which are mentioned below. Kindly certify those errors at your end and send the updated invoice on an urgent basis.

Invoice number: 000723, with the date of purchase: 02 March, 20XX, and purchase number: 3678.

Upon counter-checking the list of products, our purchase contained items including XYZ. We have received the same products at our warehouse, but the generated invoice is missing some items. For example, the purchase of 1 ton of sand was not mentioned in the invoice.

Therefore, we request you to go through our invoice again and counter-check the items which we purchased from your company. Although we understand that this error is manual and genuine, we still expect your team to be careful with the products next time.

We will be waiting for the revised invoice with rectified errors so the payment procedures can be continued. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Request Letter for Revised Invoice

Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later

Letter 2:

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter with discontent towards the wrong invoices for our purchase with your company on 2nd March, 20XX. Below are the listed problems that our managing team figured, and we hope for you to take appropriate actions in resolving them.

  • Invoice number: 0063, with the date of purchase: 02 March, 20XX, and purchase number: 1298.

    Error: We ordered 1000 kg of wheat and received the same amount in our factory, but the invoice contains the amount of 1100 kg with the respective purchase bill.
  • Invoice number: 0048, with the date of purchase: 02 March, 20XX, and purchase number: 1299.

    Error: The total billing amount is $XYZ /- but upon the settled payment, you agreed to give a 12% discount on the total purchase of these items. This agreement was also mentioned in the initial contract on date 15th February, 20XX.

We believe that these errors are genuine as your team punched the wrong items and amount for the calculation of the bill. They were utterly unintentional and hence we do not want this mistake to stand between our business relationship. Although we do expect your team to be vigilant with invoices again, so the payment procedure can be continued without any delay.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.


Request Letter for Revised Invoice

Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


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