Leave Message for Stomach Upset


I pardon beforehand for an instantaneous off day. Last night, due to overeating I got food poisoning and it affected my stomach badly. I remained admitted to the hospital all night and got discharged a few hours ago. Moreover, intolerable, and overpowering weather has made it more difficult to endure the pain. My consultant has given me proper medication with one day’s rest. I antecede that you will consider my today’s off request. This would be of great help to me. Thanking you in advance.


It seems difficult to ask for three days off as the ongoing project cannot be accomplished during my absence. This message is to let you notify about my absence from work. I had arranged a family party last night where I got food poisoning and from then my stomach is disturbed badly. The pain was unbearable, and it made me restless all night. I had visited the nearby hospital where they suggested I must get admitted to the hospital for two days until I get fully recovered. I precede that you will accept the reason and will grant me off for the above told period.


This message is to notify you about my off from work today. I am feeling unhealthy and down today because of stomach pain. I was all ready to come to office but due to consecutive pain I could not make it possible to mark my presence in the office. Therefore, it is my request to you to allow me one day off so may I take proper rest all day. I will join you tomorrow in the office.


I am penning down this message to ask for three days’ leave. I was with some of my friends last night and due to eating poisonous food, my stomach was affected badly. It resulted in the form of food poisoning and continuous vomiting. I was taken to a nearby hospital where the doctor suggested I must rest for three days and take only liquid food. I will join you soon once my condition gets better. Moreover, my medical reports are attached with this message too.


This is to state that I have stomachache for the past two days and admitted to the hospital. I am diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and will be discharged until I get fully recovered. Therefore, this message is to let you notify about my current condition. I want you to grant me leave for fifteen days from 05-05-20XX to 20-05-20XX. In case if I want further to leave, I will let you notify. My medical certificate, doctor’s prescription, and reports are affixed with this message. For further queries, you can contact me anytime. Thanking you in advance.


Dear sir, I am so sorry for not making up time to come to the office today. I was all ready for the office but suddenly pain in my stomach made it difficult to take even a few steps. My son has taken me to the doctor where he prescribed medicine and some rest. For this reason, I request you to grant me one day’s leave. Thanks much.


I am Joseph and penning down this message to apprise you about my leave from the work for seven days. I apologize humbly for creating hustle and disruption during my absence. Yesterday, after going through tests I have been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. Doctors have admitted me to the hospital for further treatment.

I know that my absence will create a workload, but Mr. Steward can work on the project assigned to me. He has quite well understanding of this project as he is my teammate too. I precede that you will understand my situation and will grant me leave for the above-mentioned period.


I am sorry in advance to ask for immediate leave. I have pain in my stomach for the last few hours. Although I have taken the medicine, the pain is still the same. Hence, it will be impossible for me to come to work today. I will be much thankful to you for granting me one day’s leave.

Leave Message for Stomach Upset


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