Letter to Ask Correction of a Document Error

Errors and faults can appear in important documents that are either related to businesses, are issued for the common public by authorities, or are legal or of any other type. When such errors are observed, they should be corrected promptly. In the cases where a person cannot correct the errors by himself, for example, the documents that are issued by the government or other authorities’ i.e. driving license, birth certificate, etc., a letter can be written to the relevant authorities to correct the error in those documents.

It is important to write clear details in such letters so that it could be made easy for the authorities to track the documents of the person for correction.


Dear Sir

I [name] from [department name] want to bring something to your notice. Yesterday we were told that our data was uploaded on the official website and we should check if all the information entered was correct. I just went through the information uploaded under my name. I found the following fields to be incorrect: Year of birth, the year I completed my bachelor and my joining date as [position] in this office.

Please note that my correct date of birth is [date]. I completed my bachelor’s in [date] and my correct joining date is [date].

Please update my information on the website and in any other records the company keeps. In case of any quarries, please call me at [phone number] or email at [email address].


Dear Sir

I [name] [identity number] want to report an error in my personal information in your record. I had applied for a passport and when I filled out the application I learned that my date of birth was noted incorrectly in your records. My correct date of birth is [Date]. I am attaching a copy of my Birth certificate as proof. I have no idea how such a big mistake could have been made. The date of birth mentioned on my identity card is correct.

Please rectify this error as unless this issue is resolved I cannot proceed with my Passport application and processing, which I need urgently to travel abroad for business.  If you require any other documents please let me know either by calling [phone number] or through email at [email address].

Looking forward to your cooperation and swift action.


Dear [Recipient’s name]

I’m writing to you to request a correction in the birth certificate of my daughter. She was born on 20th August 20XX. I had applied for the certificate on [DATE] of her birth. Today her birth certificate was issued. Although it was issued quickly, there is an error that I want you to correct.

As per the information that I had provided, the date of birth was [DATE] like I just told you, however, on this document the date is mentioned as [DATE]. I want you to correct this error. For your ease, I am enclosing the issued birth certificate. Looking forward to hearing from you with the prompt rectification of the error.



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