Apology Message to Mom for Stealing


I am feeling sad that the people who love me so much I stole from them. Now I regret and feeling bad about it. It has put me under great stress and I cannot confront you. From childhood till now you made every possible effort to provide me everything that I need and despite all this, I stole your gold earrings. I am shameful of my act.

I stole those earrings to hang out with batch mates. I seek an apology from you. You mean everything to me and I have been broken into tears after doing this to you. I will never do this activity again and I promise you. From now I will remain honest with you and will act on what you say. I hope that after this you will forgive me.


Dear mother, you have done so much for me and I cannot thank you enough for all this. I am ashamed of the unlawful act of stealing your gold necklace. This act has made me feel ashamed and bad about myself. I regret being involved in this matter. There is no justification for why I put myself in this heinous act. It is shameful on my part, and it has hurt you badly.

This incident has deteriorated my image in your eyes. I promise you that I will not involve myself in this act again. Stealing is an unlawful thing, and it has given me a deterrent that repercussions are not even worth the gain. I am sorry for my actions and I am hopeful that you will forgive me.


I am writing this message to express my feelings of regret for stealing your diamond ring. You had trust in me and for this reason, you gave me the duplicate key of your personal drawer. I remorse this incident and I am sorry about this. Now I feel much ashamed and embarrassed doing this unlawful act. I know that what sort of legal actions can be taken against me but I am hopeful that you can forgive me by finding a place in your heart.

I had not stolen your ring with the intention of selling it rather I wanted to wear the ring at my best friend’s birthday party. I have your diamond ring and will return you immediately. Kindly let me know how I can turn it back to you. I am ready to accept whatever punishment you will give. I promise that in the future this kind of incident will never occur again, and I am looking for a positive response from you.


I humbly apologize for my behavior and actions. I want to make this thing clear that I did not mean to hurt you. For stealing action, I am sorry. The reason behind this was that my friend Janie needed help from me as she was going through some financial crisis. He asked about the money. At that time, I did not have money and I could not leave her alone in his difficult time. For this reason, I stole money from your handbag and did not inform you. I was of the view that once I manage to get some money, I will keep it back in the handbag.

I am extremely sorry for all this. It was my biggest mistake that I did not inform you timely. I assure you that this will not happen next time. Kindly forgive me. I will be honest with you from now and will never hurt you.

Apology message to mom for stealing


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