Parental Letter of Authorization for Travel

Children sometimes during their academic career or while attending some kind of courses have to travel across the city, country, or outside the country as part of the degree program or as a co-curricular activity. For this travel, parental consent is required particularly when the child is a minor.

These consents are sometimes taken by the relevant authorities on parental consent forms while other times the students are required to bring a parental authorization letter. In a parental authorization letter, the parents or the guardians of the child grant their consent for their child’s travel and allow the relevant authorities to take their child with them.

Note that while parents grant their authorization for travel, it is the responsibility of the guides and relevant authorities to take care utmost of the children/students since they are in their custody.

This letter can be used as a letter of parental authorization for their children to travel.


I am [name]’s father, [name] and I am writing to officially allow my daughter who studies in grade [number] to accompany her class on the class trip to the historical site of [name].

These trips are an important part of the student’s school life and I want to applaud you for arranging this trip as these trips enable them to envision, understand and discuss the facts learned in the History lessons in the classroom. Hence, they broaden the student’s vision and increase their interest in History.

Also, traveling without parents increases the child’s self-confidence and belief in themselves. They learn to be more responsible and to take better care of themselves and their belongings. They also learn to be more patient as traveling is bound to tire them and many opportunities for conflict arise which they have to solve on their own without their parent’s intervention.

I had a few queries. Firstly, how much money are the students allowed to carry with them? Secondly, would the School Bus drop my daughter back at the house, or do we have to pick her up from school?

My third concern is, can we have the contact number of the teacher accompanying them?

Looking forward to a prompt response from you.


I [name] am writing to you to authorize my son [name] [grade], to travel with his team for the finals of the Inter-City Cricket Match. I am a great supporter of competitive sports. I feel that competition teaches children to manage their anxiety and fears and learn that challenges are not to be feared.

They learn that by hard work and practice they can overcome their shortcomings and achieve their goals. They learn an even more important lesson when they lose, as learning to deal with failure and disappointments is the most precious lesson that helps them their entire life.

These competitions also enable the students to interact with children from different backgrounds and ethnicity which enriches their experience and makes them more tolerant and broadminded. Competition teaches children that they have to play by the rules and while staying within those rules they have to plan their winning strategies.

The most important aspect of competitive sports has to be the building of the child’s self-esteem when they work hard and achieve their goal they feel that they can achieve anything through hard work. When they lose they know that they can get back up and that there is always a next time, making them realize their own resilience and strength.

I want to applaud the school for arranging these competitions and want to extend my full support.

All the best for the competition. May the best team win!!


I am writing to you regarding my child’s upcoming school trip. I was asked to submit my consent regarding the travel. This letter is to confirm that I authorize you to take my child to [enter place] for [enter purpose] and [enter days]. He has traveled along with other students with you several times and I am sure you’ll take the best care of all of them like always. Thank you.


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